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Why Do Dogs Love Cat Crap So Much?

Why Do Dogs Love Cat Crap So Much?

Why Do Dogs Love Cat Crap So Much

If you own both a dog and a cat then you know this dilemma all too well. WHY OH WHY do dogs love cat crap so much? I have thrown my hands in the air SO many times after finding litter box droppings in my house because a puppy got in to the litter box. I seriously cannot even imagine what is so enticing about literal cat poop. While dogs are begging for our delicious food under the table they are also simultaneously thinking about how to finagle their way in to the litter box later in the evening. JD and I have tried so many things to keep them out of the litter box but at the end of the day I am still questioning why they even like to eat cat crap in the first place!

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Why Do Dogs Love Cat Crap So Much?

I am happy to say we have found the BEST way to keep the dogs (and little crawling toddlers) out of the litter box. First, though, I did some research on what has to be an age old question and I cannot wait to share! LOL. Initially I found a lot of reasons why your dog should not eat your cat’s poo – DUH! You do not have to tell me why they shouldn’t – I just want to know why they do! My research led to me to a few reasons —

1. Cat Poop Smells Like Cat Food

This was interesting to me for two reasons. One because I don’t smell my cats poop up close and two because if you have ever smelt cat poop wafting through your house then your first thought is not “WOW, that sure does smell like their food”. I wound up on where someone had just put it all together and realized that poop comes from food (not gross, just truth) and dogs really do eat anything that smells like food.

2. Your Dog Has Coprophagia

This kind of made me laugh a little. I know that this could be the case but this is case in point why people tell you NOT to use “Dr. Google” when you have several symptoms or your doctor tells you that some level is elevated. Coprophagia is basically that your dog is obsessed with eating poop. They say it can be from a dietary deficiency or underlying medical issue… but, let’s be real – most dogs just like to eat anything and everything that they shouldn’t.

3. Your Dog Is A Brat

My dogs are definitely brats. Dogs are unfortunately quick learners of things that they SHOULD not do… such as getting in to the trash, eating cat food, eating cat poop… the list goes on. Once they hone in that they should not be doing it – well, that just makes them want to REALLY do it anyways. I swear I can tell my dog “NO” four hundred times and he still jumps on the couch like I am non-existent.

4. Attention-Seeking

Now, this is not the case in my house… and I really hope not the case in anyone reading this house either BUT it can be attention seeking. Sometimes negative attention is better than no attention and dogs will do ANYTHING to get attention, even if it is you yelling at them. Plenty of play outside, indoor belly rubs, and walks will do the trick to bond with your pet and give them the positive attention they strive to get from you.

This was all my research turned up, a lot of websites were saying the same thing in a different way. The real problem is HOW DO I STOP THIS NASTY HABIT! At our old house we had an upstairs bonus room that we never used so we cut a cat door in the door and put the boxes at the top of the stairs. The dogs couldn’t get in and it kept the smell far enough away from the rest of the house. Now that we have moved we have had to get QUITE creative.

How Do I Keep My Dog Out Of The Litter Box?

We have tried everything. My husband built a catio which is separate from the house but have one stubborn cat that REFUSES to enter her body through the cat door, which has resulted in the need for a box or two still in the house. We currently don’t use our guest bathroom so we have a box in the shower. In order to keep the dogs (and kids) out – we used a baby gate. HA! A 55 pound dog running and jumping full force can knock that over in no time, so we learned. We werent keen on putting a cat door on the bathroom door because … well, that is just weird. We did that on one interior closet door and all I can think of is “re-sell value” and how unappealing cat doors are to buyers. Not that we are selling anytime soon, but definitely something to think about.

Until…. now! We have finally found something that solves ALL of our problems, does not break the bank, AND is not an eyesore! Introducing… THE DOOR BUDDY!

why do dogs love cat crap so much

The Door Buddy is AWESOME, or shall I say PAWSOME! It acts as a door stop but is so much more than that. We recently had guests this weekend and moved the litter box out but kept the food in the guest bathroom. They were easily able to close the bathroom door and then prop it back open when they left so the cats could enter. The strap is adjustable so the door opening can be wide or narrow – depending on your cats! Here is ours installed:

You can get yours on Amazon right now for $15.94 and it qualifies for Prime SHIPPING! Another secret – they are participating in PRIME DAY! So, if you wait just a *few* days until July 11 you will really be scoring a deal! Don’t waste your money or time on baby gates, cat doors, or finagling some way to keep the dogs and kids out of your cat food and litter box!



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