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5 Creative Microfiber Towel Uses!

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I’ve seen many posts about the multitude of uses for microfiber towels but I have never really taken the plunge to see what they were all about or what they could do for me! I am excited to say that I have found five new uses that are very beneficial AND I have found towels that meet my expectations in ALL areas! These TrekProof MicroFiber towels are compact and perfectly designed for small spaces and travel. 

I don’t like to own things that take up a bunch of space because two kids already equals WAY too much stuff. These towels come in their own bag and fold up small for storage at home OR on the go. As you know, I don’t work out – LOL – but my sister-in-law and brother do a lot so I let them give a towel a test run and they loved it! Her only slight issue was the size because it was a tad bigger than other towels. I, on the other hand, think the size is perfect for all the new uses I have discovered!


  1. Working Outmicrofiber towel

    As I pointed out above, my sister-in-law and brother used these during their workouts and thought they were great. They are the perfect size to double as a yoga mat. You won’t stay drenched in sweat because they are super absorbent and they don’t smell like other typical “gym towels”!


  2. Baby Bath Timemicrofiber towels

    Oh my heavens, probably my FAVORITE use for these microfiber towels! Rhett is a squirmy MESS when he gets out of the bath. He does not ever want to be dried off. Yet, at the same time he is freezing cold going from the warm water to the cooler room. The towel dried him off almost instantly! This is something that his other typical baby towels do not come close to doing.

  3. Hair Towelmicrofiber towel

    As a woman it is top priority to me to get my hair done in the morning before leaving the house. With two kids, this is not always a possibility. After using the towel as a baby bath towel and seeing its absorbance in action, I decided to really test it. My hair is almost always no dryer than getting out of the shower when I use the regular towel on my head. But, I can tell you that, this towel soaked up so much water out of my hair that it dried a lot quicker! Too bad they don’t make them in cute girly designs 🙂

  4. Dish Dryer microfiber towels

    All of my dishes were dry with this one towel and I probably could have dried another sink load! SO IMPRESSED! Especially because I hate hand washing dishes but sometimes it just has to be done!

  5. Pet Drying Matmicrofiber towel

    Rain is usually uncommon around these parts, but here lately we have experienced a lot lately. Pair that with 3 dogs and 2 kids; there is a lot of potential for mud/water tracked in the house – UGH! I quickly realized I could use this towel outside (hello, camping when we go!) and get everyone all dried up BEFORE walking inside! Our welcome mat is useless so, I am happy to have an alternative to keep my floors clean.

All in all, I am overly impressed with the TrekProof Microfiber Towel because it has SO MANY more uses than just working out or camping – and a lot are around the house! I’ve read about cleaning with a microfiber towel! Once I decide to give that a whirl I will definitely let you all know how it goes! What are your favorite ways to use microfiber towels?




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  1. Charlotte Davenport

    Thanks for the info…..I’ve thought about trying one…..papa could use one after getting out of the spa. Do they come in different sizes?

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