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It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

Picture this: I’m sitting in my 2nd grade classroom dressed in my favorite outfit of all time – olive green skirt, matching striped tank top with olive green cropped sweater. Glasses were on and my hair was in a half up-do. My teacher walks in and immediately stops when she notices my outfit. Her reaction is a big smile and the words, “Well, don’t you just look like a little teacher!” And that did me in. I knew right then and there that I HAD to grow up and become a teacher. Over the course of my education I had so many special people investing in my life and education and they really made a huge difference in shaping me in to who I am today.

Fast forward to my high school days and I had lost sight of what was important. I entered college for Education but quickly shifted my major to Business Administration. I wanted to work and make the big bucks (which we all know that teachers are NOT making) so I shifted and got my undergrad in Business Admin with a focus on Management. I found out I was expecting Sawyer shortly around the time I had just been hired for a new job. As the pregnancy went on and different things were happening I realized that I could not waste time anymore. I wasn’t satisfied nor fulfilled from my jobs in the business world. I needed to go back to my roots – back to teaching.

I graduated with my Masters in May 2015. During the time I was in school I was also teaching math to third-fourth grades at a private school. Once I became certified I shifted my focus to the public school sector where I have been for the last two years teaching fifth grade language arts. Talk about a shift going from a private Christian school to a public school – it is quite different! 

My drive and passion for teaching come from wanting to impact and invest in students the way my teachers did all the years I was in school. Kids need to know they are loved, valued, and respected – and a lot of their time is spent at school so teachers have to stand alongside parents to be that voice in their heads. The voice of encouragement. The voice of reason. My students instantly become *my kids* the second I see their name on the class roster before Open House. Even when they challenge me and push me, I still find the joy in being able to plant a seed of a positive difference for their future. 

I am excited to feature some very helpful resources that I have used in my class, along with organizational tips and classroom hacks to make teacher life easier. I will also be featuring some of my favorite books – both in and out of the classroom! If you would like to be featured or write a guest post in reference to one of your resources, PLEASE reach out! 


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