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Sawyer’s Art 2018 : Art Drive Benefiting Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta

Sawyer’s Art 2018

Art Drive Benefiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Sawyers Art 2018

If you have not read our story about our first son, Sawyer, you can read it here. The brief version is that in May of 2013 our son Sawyer was born with a congenital heart defect. He lived 18 days and went through multiple heart surgeries but unfortunately he did not survive. We miss him every day and are always looking for ways to keep his memory alive. Back in 2014 I came up with the idea to celebrate his birthday in a super special way each year – thus, Sawyer’s Art Drive was created!

What is Sawyer’s Art Drive?

Sawyer’s Art Drive was created to honor our son’s, Sawyer, memory and give back to the hospital that fought so hard to help his heart. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is where he spent each and every day of his life and I could not be more thankful for all of the doctors and nurses. Specifically the Child Life Specialist (CLS) really made an impression on me. I spent my very first Mother’s Day in the hospital with my son who was fighting for his life. The CLS made sure to make it very special. These CLS help the families of those in the hospital and the patients themselves to feel at home. A lot of what they do uses art supplies to create different projects and help families/patients relax and have fun. Each and every May we love to stock their closet (so to speak) so they can continue to help families affected by a variety of illnesses. Sawyer was born May 9 and passed away May 27. We will collect supplies from April 23 through May 25 and I drive them down to the hospital on or around May 27 (this year it will be May 29) to donate in his memory.

How can I help?

Making a donation is EASY! I have created an Amazon wishlist which sends the art supplies right to my front door. If you are local to me and would rather purchase at the store and meet me to drop them off  I can work that out as well. Each year our haul has grown and I would love to have to take two vehicles this year because of all of the stuff we are donating. Find our Amazon List HERE!

 When is the last day to donate?

We are taking all donations to CHOA on TUESDAY May 29 (two days after Sawyer’s Angelversary). Donations will need to be RECEIVED by FRIDAY May 25 at the latest. We will spend the weekend sorting and getting everything together to take to CHOA. We cannot take the materials until the 29th due to the Memorial Day holiday. I am willing to meet up with anyone who would like to participate OR if you donate straight from the Amazon list it will be sent to our house!

Last year our art drive was shared on some pretty large platforms and we collected SO many supplies. My family and I were overwhelmed with the generosity of those around us and many friends would send us pictures of their kids while at CHOA using different art supplies! Check out our first delivery from last year :

Sawyers Art 2018

Thank you in advance for helping our mission! Our mission is to give back to the hospital who gave us so much in our 18 days with Sawyer.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I shared last year, but are definitely worth sharing again 🙂

Sawyer Art 2018

Sawyers Art 2018

Sawyers Art 2018

Sawyers Art 2018

Sawyers Art 2018

I reached out to CHOA and they said they are in desperate need of art supplies! Let’s make this the best year yet 🙂

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