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Rhory & The Three Spoons

Rhory & The Three Spoons

A tale of a princess and her journey to find a spoon that was *just right*.

[disclaimer: I was compensated in return for my honest review but all opinions are my own]

There once was a beautiful princess named Rhory who lived on a large piece of land with her mother, father and brother. Often looking for adventure she would explore through the woods alone. Usually her adventure ended with building fairy gardens and playing pretend, but one day her exploring led her to a cabin! Unsure of what to do, she let curiosity get the better of her and she ventured in the open door!

Making a loud squeak as she stepped in to the house, Rhory froze in place. She was sure that, if caught, she could get in to a lot of trouble. Still, she moved on with her quest and discovered the cabin to be empty. Walking through the kitchen she noticed applesauce sitting on the table. Applesauce was her absolute FAVORITE and she got ready to dive in until… she couldn’t find a spoon! Looking over to the counter, she noticed three spoons laying together. One was very long and skinny, the other was short and a little bit wider , and the third was a very short spoon with a wide handle. Decisions, decisions…

Rhory tried the long and skinny spoon first, but she could hardly turn it in to her mouth! She threw it on the ground in frustration… She then tried the shorter, slightly wider spoon. The problem with this spoon was that it did not hardly hold any applesauce! Again, the spoon was tossed on the floor. Finally she gets to the short, wide spoon and takes a deep breath. Dipping down in the applesauce she realizes already the success… The spoon was easier to hold AND picked up the perfect amount of applesauce!

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