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Rescue Pet Tuesday: Adopt A Barn Cat!

Adopt A Barn Cat!

Adopt A Barn Cat

Tired of pesky rodents?

Tired of frogs taking over your pool?

You need to ADOPT A BARN CAT!

Planned Pethood of GA has partnered with Gwinnett County Animal Control to help get feral cats and kittens adopted through their “Barn Cat Adoption” program. Feral cats are those that are considered highly un-adoptable and very likely to be euthanized if they stay at the shelter. Planned Pethood works with the shelter to find homes for these cats! Best part? The cat is FREE! That’s right! Free adoption for these cats going to a suitable outdoor home.

What qualifies as a suitable outdoor home?


In exchange for food, water, and shelter, feral cats will provide free, organic pest control. Planned Pethood will spay/neuter and vaccinate the cat(s) before delivery, and they also provide instructions on how to care for them during the relocation process. The cats are, like I mentioned above, FREE to suitable homes. Please email for more information ASAP.

In addition to some of these feral cats needing outdoor homes, there are some cuties that need a loving INDOOR home! The trapping volunteers are working a HUGE project in Lawrenceville. They estimate 15-20 kittens and JUST AS MANY adults! Of the cats they have already trapped, some have been too sick for spay/neuter and the loving fosters they have are working to nurse them back to health. Not all will need to be a barn cat! And due to their poor, poor living conditions – Planned Pethood is working as quick as possible to trap, fix, and vaccinate these cats! If you can open your home (really your yard/barn) to a barn cat that would be awesome! 

How Can I Help If I Can’t Take a Barn Cat?

This is a pretty big job they have on their hands and this was shared on their FB page

We’re also in need of FUNDS and FOSTER HOMES for the kittens and cats who are good candidates for socialization and adoption. We provide all vet care needed; our foster homes provide love and a safe space like a spare bathroom or bedroom. Our fosters SAVE LIVES every day just by taking care of a few cats and kittens in need. How do you beat that? For more information on fostering, contact Donations can be made at Donations under $10 can be made via PayPal to

Check out some of these snapshots they have taken during their trapping efforts!

adopt a barn cat

adopt a barn cat

adopt a barn cat

adopt a barn cat



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