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Random Acts of Kindness: Doggy Edition

Random Acts of Kindness; Doggy Edition

Philadelphia-based company, Big Barker, gives BIG gift to the police K9s!

Serving Pups Who Serve

My love for random acts of kindness runs DEEP. I am all about blessing and giving to those who are the least expecting! It is not up for debate – the giver is usually more blessed than the receiver. The rush of an emotional high after blessing someone is incredible! I am a sucker for those kind of stories as well. In fact, it is even better is when they involve animals! Recently I discovered the story of Big Barker donating their orthopedic beds to ALL of the Philadelphia active police K9s and even some retired!

My love for dogs runs deep. I actively support local rescue groups and other organizations that deal directly with animals.  Ya’ll – my heart just smiled so big when I read this story! Police K9s work SO hard to be right alongside their police partner to help defend and protect. They are constantly in the line of duty which is a lot of work! Big Barker has immensely reduced their discomfort. Honestly, their beds are incredible because they alleviate joint pain/disease that is VERY common in large breed dogs. Now, thanks to this GENEROUS donation, these K9s will be able to rest easy. Better yet, they can continue to serve the community for longer! Check out these photos of the donation ceremony. This took place on February 21, 2017 in front of the Philadelphia Police Headquarters.

Feature Photographs

random acts of kindness; doggy edition
Officer Terrance Wright with his partner Cora, assigned to the Airport Unit


random acts of kindness; doggy edition
Officer William Suarez and his partner Chloe, assigned to the PPD Canine Unit


random acts of kindness; doggy edition
Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan, head of Philadelphia Homeland Security Bureau, with Officer John Snyder and his partner JoJo, assigned to the PPD Canine Unit


random acts of kindness; doggy edition
From left to right, Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan, Eric Shannon (founder and president of Philadelphia-based Big Barker) and Philadelphia Commissioner of Police, Richard Ross Jr.

About the Donation

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. addressed media at the event, saying: “These dogs work very hard each and every day. They are unheralded heroes, and they do a fantastic job in helping us in a myriad of ways and deserve to rest comfortably after a hard day’s work.”

Police dogs have great physical demands put on them during regular training, and day-to-day police work. Large breed working dogs such as German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois can suffer from painful joint diseases as they age, issues that the donated orthopedic beds are specifically designed to combat.

“Most large dogs will develop joint disease at some point in their lives, which will lead to pain, soreness, and potentially life-shortening loss of mobility,” said Eric Shannon, Founder and President of Big Barker. “We make the Big Barker to reduce the pain and soreness that the dogs are feeling and to restore mobility as much as possible to extend their quality of life as long as we can.”

About Big Barker

random acts of kindness; doggy edition

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., Big Barker’s mission is to improve the quality of life for big dogs by providing handcrafted, American-made beds that help alleviate joint pain, enhance mobility and enable dogs of any size to rest comfortably. We offer dog lovers a clear choice: Keep paying to replace poorly-made dog beds that flatten and fall apart, or let us protect both your pocketbook and your dog with our pet-industry leading, “Can’t Flatten, Won’t Flatten” 10-year warrantied bed.

This is not the first time that Big Barker has given back to the community – in fact they have made a habit out of it! You can check out other stories here, here AND here! Organizations that donate to animals always have a place in my heart. In fact, I aim to find those companies that give back the community. I love to support those who support others! I urge you to check out Big Barker and support a company that is doing A LOT of good in the community! What random acts of kindness can you perform TODAY? Check out my other post chock full of ideas!



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