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Pet Hair, Don’t Care!

Pet Hair, Don’t Care!

pet hair, don't care!

The amount of pet hair that three dogs and five cats shed can drive any person absolutely mad! Our dog Dixie, pictured above, probably sheds THE MOST of any dog I have ever seen It is ridiculous. We are constantly vacuuming and trying to brush her (and the others). Fun fact: She was banned from Petsmart because of how she acted during her grooming… So you can imagine what brushing her looks like.  Recently I discovered HandsOn Gloves and I couldn’t love them more!

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HandsOn Gloves

pet hair, don't care

What are HandsOn Gloves?

HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary way to bathe, groom and de-shed our pets! The gloves feature scrubbing nodules that are comfortable for your pet and the most effective at removing hair. Another great feature- the hair is easily removed from the gloves after you are done brushing. Typical de-shedding brushes feature sharp razors and are usually uncomfortable for pets. My dogs ALL love to be petted so these gloves are kind of killing two birds with one stone! The hair just shakes right off of the gloves as you brush!

The best part about these gloves is they are not just for cats and dogs. Many users are buying them for their farm animals! They really are that versatile. Currently our only animals are dogs and cats so they are the only ones I can vouch for – but my dreams of owning a farm are still alive and well! I honestly don’t know ANYTHING about grooming farm animals or any other animals for that matter! I just have my cats and dogs and they keep me busy enough! Here are my two other pups – Boone in front and our newest, Gus, in the back!

pet hair, don't care!

What other animals *actually* benefit from these gloves?

I snooped around the HandsOn website for a bit to see if I could find out about grooming other animals with these gloves and I was surprised at what I found! They have a whole story on how these were used with Tai, an ELEPHANT! Obviously you all are going to find more use out of these for your cats, dogs or horses but still – how neat is it that these are beneficial for elephants?

pet hair, don't care

Rumor has it that there is a kids line coming soon! How fun is that? For now Rhory uses my gloves to brush Dixie! Do your kiddos help out with pet grooming? She LOVES it and I am excited to get my *HandsOn* the kid gloves!

I am teaming up with the owners to bring you your very own pair! Enter below and share with your friends. Tell me your favorite way to keep your pet groomed!


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