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Owen’s Book and Blanket Drive

Owen’s Book and Blanket Drive

For those who don’t know, my husband and I lost our firstborn son when he was 18 days old due to his congenital heart defect and failed attempts to correct his heart. When you lose a child you become a member of a club. It isn’t a fun club nor one that anyone wants to be a part of, yet, it is a club made up of loving, supportive and understanding people. People who, despite their own grief, make time to check on you in theirs. People who rally behind you to honor and remember your child. People that make the day to day life without your baby just a tad bit easier. Every year my husband and I do an art drive in memory of our son, Sawyer – but today I want to feature the very special project of another sweet mama friend who lost her baby boy to a different type of heart defect. 

Owens mama and I were connected through a mutual friend because of the similarity of our loss. We both lost our first born sons to a congenital heart defect about a year a part. We have stayed in touch some through Facebook and I love to see the things she does to honor Owen’s life and how she continues to intertwine Owen in to the day to day. She features one of my favorite projects: Owen’s Book and Blanket Drive. I love this because it honors Owens life and memory but also blesses SO many other families. Check out the details:

“Owen’s Birthday Project is a simple way to bless other babies and children who are in the Cardiac ICU, NICU, or PICU. Owen spent his life in the CICU at Egleston Children’s Hospital after he was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect. Two of his favorite things were blankets and books. Each year instead of throwing him a birthday party, his family and friends donate books and blankets to gift to children and families in similar situations. As a former parent of a child in the CICU, I know how meaningful acts of kindness are, especially from strangers. It is our hope that these gifts brighten their day.”

To read more and find out how you can be a part of this project visit their website:

As another mama of a baby who spent a lot of time in the CICU, I cannot express just how much it means to have a sweet gift and a little bit of sunshine on some surely cloudy days.

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