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October 8th Weekly Meal Plan

October 8th Weekly Meal Plan

October 8th Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly meal plans have become a staple in our family – especially since starting the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University! I posted my first meal plan last week – and we stuck to it for the most part. Our kids came down with hand, foot, and mouth (HFM), luckily a mild case, but there was one night when I just needed rest and stopped by Chick-Fil-A on the way home. Both of the kids couldn’t eat anyways so…. I just ordered for myself and my husband picked up something on his way home. Grand total was less that $10 and now we have some extra chicken in our freezer!

October 8 Weekly Meal Plan

October 8th Weekly Meal Plan

I have shared before that I have switched over to almost completely shopping at Aldi. We love their prices and their selection. With a few name brand things I still go to another store but almost 95% of my shopping is completed at Aldi!

What Did You Buy?

The biggest question is what I buy when I go and how much it cost! Here is my list from this week. A lot of the items are for the meal plan but some are for breakfast/lunch ideas.

Meal Plan Items

$6.91 Ground Beef (2.31 lbs)
$9.90 Chicken Breasts (5.21 lbs)
$0.69 Onion Soup Mix
$1.59 Garlic Cheese Toast (I bought 2 of these, one with cheese one without)
$1.45 Elbow Macaroni
$1.45 Spaghetti Noodles
$1.99 Cheese Tortellini
$3.99 Cheese Tortellini (not sure why this rang up different but I don’t have time to take it back LOL)
$4.19 Bacon
$2.79 String Cheese
$2.49 Shredded Mozzarella
$1.89 Shredded Sharp Cheddar
$1.89 Shredded Blend Cheese
$1.15 Crescent Roll dough (x2)
$1.09 BBQ Chips
$1.79 Green Peppers
$0.45 Diced Tomatoes (x2)
$0.69 Evaporated Milk
$0.99 BBQ Sauce
$0.83 Hamburger Buns
$2.19 Sliced Pepperoni

Other Items
$.94 Bananas (2.13 lbs)
$1.89 Blueberry Bagels
$0.35 Blueberry Yogurt (x5)
$2.37 Milk
$3.17 Red Grapes (2.46 lb)
$2.29 Caramel Rice Snacks (x2)
$2.09 Orange Juice
$0.79 Mandarin Oranges (x3)
$0.89 Pineapple Chunks
$1.39 Marshmallow and Star Cereal
$1.39 Cereal Bars (x2)
$1.29 Eggs
$0.47 Jiffy Corn Mix (x2)
$1.19 Pomegranate
$1.49 Honey Wheat Bread

Total: $84.37

Other Store Purchases

$0.99 Apple Juice (5 Bottles)
$1.00 Soda (5 2-liters – went this route because it is cheaper than cans)
$3.49 Heinz Ketchup
$1.39 Tuna (x2)
Candy/Sunflower seeds as a treat

Total: $20.97

Total for the week: 105.34

*Sodas, juice, ketchup, garlic bread, jiffy mix, rice cakes – these should last us longer than a week*


Meal Plan Recipes

I do not have all of these recipes completed, yet. I will have them hopefully by the end of the week. If you do a search you could probably find something similar to get you started!

Sunday – Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Monday – Instant Pot Spaghetti
Tuesday – Chicken Tortellini Soup
Wednesday – Loaded Mac & Cheese
Thursday – BBQ Chicken Nuggets
Friday – Pepperoni Cheese Rollups
Saturday – Leftovers

Grand total for the month so far is $199.19. Our goal is under $450 including toiletries and diapers. We have a diapers purchase coming up soon so hopefully next week I can keep our total even lower!

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