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October 1st Weekly Meal Plan

October 1st Weekly Meal Plan

October 1st Weekly Meal Plan

You might remember a few months ago I was doing monthly meal plans (February, March & April). For a while that was what worked for our family. Then I realized that my tastes were changing and by the end of week two I was done with the meal plan and a lot of food went to waste. Also, to keep fresh fruits and veggies in the house I was still having to go to the store every other week, or more! We changed to a weekly meal plan and it has made life so much easier and I actually get excited each week because I get to pick out things that sound interesting instead of feeling trapped in to something I planned weeks ago. 

October 1st Weekly Meal Plan
October 1st Weekly Meal Plan

We have also started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and we are really trying to simplify our meal plan to bring cost down. This past week we finished Baby Step #1 and paid off a credit card, so on Friday we rewarded ourselves with eating out! What does that mean for this current week meal plan? It means that some of the meat from last week carried over to this week so I did not have to buy as much meat. I try to use what is in my pantry to help me save money.

Where do you shop?

I do almost 99% of my shopping at Aldi! They have recently added Instacart to their services – meaning you can get groceries DELIVERED! I know a lot of people have taken advantage of this through Publix and also the Walmart and Kroger grocery pick up services. I don’t have the service available near me for Kroger so I have not tried it yet. I have read that it is more expensive (price-wise, plus the service and delivery fees. Yes, the convenience is nice but so is an hour of kid-free quiet time. I get some kind of thrill at standing at the register and seeing how low my total is going to be in the end. I actually forgot a few things on my list and was able to grab them while at the store – something I would have had to either do *another* Instacart order if I had just relied on my Instacart list. I did my own test today and it was about $8 more expensive online (before delivery and service charges). First delivery is free (if you use my link) but after that it is $10 or more.

What did you buy this week?

Here is my list for Aldi. I did get four things at Kroger because my husband likes particular things for lunch. I still shop for the best deals at either store. Some things were for the meal plan and others were for our house or just because we were out of them in general. I will list what I bought for the meal plan first, then the others by categories.

Meal Plan List:

$1.79 Waffle Fries
$3.99 Frozen Pizza
$6.88 Ground Beef (80/20) just over 2 lbs
$9.00 Chicken Breasts (4 3/4 lbs – 6 breasts)
$1.99 Marinara Sauce
$0.49 Canned Carrots
$0.49 Cream of Mushroom Soup
$0.44 Canned Peas
$0.79 Cream Cheese Block
$2.49 Shredded Mozzarella (1 lb bag)
$2.69 Ciabatta Rolls
$1.89 Red Enchilada Sauce
$0.99 Lettuce

Breakfast Items

$1.75 Blueberry Yogurt (5 individual containers)
$1.99 Granola
$1.69 Orange Juice
$2.49 Milk
$1.49 Spreadable Cream Cheese
$1.89 Blueberry Bagels
$1.30 Bananas (2.21 lbs)
$3.89 Apples (3 lb bag)
$3.58 Strawberries (2 lbs)

Freezer Lunch Items

$3.99 Chicken Taquitos (will last us 2 weeks)
$2.19 Corndogs (will last us 2 weeks)


$1.49 Honey Wheat Bread
$1.39 Peanut Butter
$1.09 Apple Cider Vinegar
$4.49 Toilet Paper (12 rolls – will last us all month, or close to)
$5.99 Paper Towels (will last us all month)
$1.45 Sponges
$2.89 Spreadable Butter (will last us all month)

Meal Plan Recipes

I do not have all of the recipes up and on the site yet, BUT I do have some! I will add links once they are active on the site. Under them I will include a list of things that were needed but we already had.

Sunday – Frozen Pizza (HA! This one is self-explanatory)

Monday – Stuffed Shells Casserole (I have linked to my stuffed shells because the ingredients are the same, I am just baking it like a casserole and using regular pasta.)

Tuesday – Chicken Salad – I am linking to my Chicken Salad sandwiches and we are using Ciabatta Rolls as the buns (using bread would probably be cheaper!) I also have this Bacon & Cheddar Chicken Salad which is delicious!

Wednesday – Chicken Nachos – No real recipe. Just make taco style chicken *using taco seasoning*, shredded over chips with cheese and melted in the oven! We top with salsa, sour cream and lettuce.

Thursday – Shepherds Pie

Friday – Chicken Parmesan Casserole – recipe coming soon!

Saturday – BBQ Chicken (with french fries)

What we already had:

2 chicken breasts
Parmesan cheese
shredded cheese
evaporated milk
tortilla chips
sour cream
instant mashed potatoes
bbq sauce
side dishes (rice, potatoes, a lot of canned veggies)

(I bought salsa at Kroger because we like the Pace brand – luckily it was on sale AND their was $1 coupon! Other things I got at Kroger: Beef Bologna – JD can make 8-10 sandwiches out of the pack and it will last 2-3 weeks, Oreos – we need a sweet treat!, tuna – 2 packs for the week, sweet pickle cubes for the tuna sandwiches. Total was 14.77)

Grand Total for the week (including some things that will last us for a month, breakfast items, lunch items AND dinner) was $93.85!

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