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Next Level Pet – Soft-Sided Carrier; AMAZING!

Five cats.

Two dogs.

My house is sometimes a zoo… Especially the times when I’m trying to put the casserole together, the 2 year old is screaming to get on the counter, the baby is out of snacks in his highchair, a cat is rubbing on my leg because they are out of food, and a dog is clawing at the door to come inside. I wouldn’t trade it for the world – even if I feel like I am losing my mind at times.

Now picture all that… and instead of cooking dinner I am trying to get out the door to take the cats to the vet. If you have cats you know my pain and you’ve probably felt it too (the scratches on the arm after trying to shove the cat in the hard-sided carrier because THEY JUST WON’T GO INSIDE, amirite?). With kids, I just dont have time to chase my cats and then try to shove them in to some carrier. It’s a hassle and I end up bleeding with kids screaming. I’ve recently discovered the fix to all my cat carrier problems… (Note: I did receive this product free in return for a review posted on my blog, however; all opinions are my own!)

This is the Next Level Pet © Soft-Sided Cat Carrier & it is ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS YA’LL! Once I ordered it I was sure I would find something I didn’t like and made it my mission to see how this was just too good to be true. The notification pinged my phone that it had arrived and I was itching to get home from work to open my package!  It came wrapped in plastic but I was so excited to open the package I ripped it off before remembering to take a picture – whoops!

Now, If you are like me you are probably thinking – oh good grief; I have to PUT IT TOGETHER? Aint nobody got time for that. It was easier than putting my dishes in the dishwasher. All I had to do was zip up the sides and WALA – perfection.

It came with this little strap and a note about instructions.

I took one look at that strap and laughed because I genuinely couldn’t figure out what in the world it would be used for with a cat… It is actually really cool – It is a leash that connects to your pets collar and then a hook inside the bag. So, if you decide to open the side of the carrier while out and about your cat/dog is still secure. My dogs both weigh over 50 pounds so obviously I can’t use it for them but it is perfect for small dogs.


The material is extremely durable. I love that the inner bed is removable BUT attaches with velcro so it is secure within the carrier! Remove the hard bottom of the shell and the fleece bed can be washed. Top entry and side entry are two other features. The top material rolls back to let in some extra light or you can keep it closed if your pet has some travel anxiety (most of my high maintenance cats). The bag is TSA approved for those of you that travel with your pets – mainly you all with dogs. My cat would have a freak out if I tried to get on a plane LOL.

My favorite part is probably that it folds down for storage. With two kids we have SO much stuff that I am also trying to find a place to put things but this makes it easy. My only drawback is that the whole thing can’t be thrown in the wash. >But I can’t throw my hard-sided carrier in the wash either!< It can be hosed off and the material is really durable.

I have teamed up with the creator of Next Level Pet and they are incredibly friendly and helpful! I had a few questions and they gave me a prompt response. We are working on a giveaway coming NEXT week – Yes! You will get a chance to enter to win one of these cat carriers for yourself! EEK! Very excited about this.

Stay tuned! In addition, follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get the alert when the giveaway goes live!


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