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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is QUICKLY approaching! If you are like me then your procrastinate until the very last minute for gifts. I am sharing this now in hopes that you will be able to get your shopping done for the moms in your life. I have rounded up some of my favorite gifts that are sure to be a hit for ALL moms – new, seasoned, young, and old.

1. Photo Charm Necklace

Mother's Day Gift Guide

MN Creative Designs has TONS of adorable and unique jewelry for any mom in your life. I love this hand-stamped necklace, in particular, because it comes in both gold and silver! You can also insert your own picture -whether it is for your own mom or your grandmother. Check out this listing and her shop for all of your Mother’s Day needs.

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2. Floral Bookmarks

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I think I am partial to these because they are actually a part of *my* Etsy shop! I love love love these bookmarks but I have SO many others to choose from also. What mom doesn’t love reading? Pair these with a good book and a coffee cup and you are set!

3. Robe

Ten Thousand Villages is a pretty incredible organization. Each item is handmade overseas and when you purchase you help better the life of someone else! How incredible. I love this robe because I thought of my mom as soon as I saw it – what a perfect gift. Check our their site for even more great gift ideas!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

4. Coffee Mug

As I mentioned before – pair my adorable bookmarks with a coffee mug and you are all set! I love the variety avaliable through Glacelis but this mug was my favorite! My mom is a coffee lover through and through so coffee mugs are ALWAYS a hit. These are also a hit with new moms who are relying on that coffee to make through the days following the sleepless nights.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

5. Coloring Book

Uh, who doesn’t love coloring? Seriously – it is so therapeutic. I love the hilarious truths that lie behind these hilarious coloring pages. Motherhood is hard but we have got to keep laughing in order to not cry all the time!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I would love to hear your Mother’s Day Gift ideas!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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  1. I loved all of these! But especially the coloring book & robe! My mom seriously loved a good rob & I love giving back! I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Michelle Nietert

    I like the photo charm necklace.

  3. I sent this to my husband just for the coloring book. I want it so bad! This is a great list!

  4. The charm necklace is beautiful. I was gifted this by my husbanded on my first mother’s day…a pic of our baby on one side and the three of us on the other…

  5. Great ideas! I would loveeeee that robe!

    1. AC

      It is awesome! I am giving it to my mom but really want to keep it for myself… LOL

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