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Monthly Meal Plan; March

Monthly Meal Plan; March

Another month – another meal plan!

march monthly meal plan

Looking for February? Find it HERE! I create these menu plans based off of recipes I have AND have not tried. As I try them, and tweak them to become my own, you will find the recipe linked up at the bottom. Stay tuned for a “how-to” on meal planning! The fact that I meal plan for a month is quite overwhelming, I know. The reason I do it that way is because it really saves me SO much money. We were going to the grocery store WEEKLY and spending at least 150$. Over a month we were spending close to, or over, $600 – INSANE! As I shopped for this month, I only spent $275 for the whole month! Now, I will have to go back in a couple weeks to get more milk, bread, and some perishables but that is it. 

BONUS THIS MONTH! I am giving you a copy of the first week (first four) of recipes. Download is available under the menu plan 🙂

I will say that there are days when the menu plan just doesn’t come together and that is OKAY! A menu plan is just that – a plan. Some days you are not feeling what is on the menu so you cook something else. The goal is to have the majority of the food ready to go so that you can cook whatever you want. Our meat is already cooked and frozen in one pound bags, chicken is frozen, and veggies are also frozen if they will be cooking IN a meal. 

What things are keeping you from planning out your meals monthly?


This list will be updated as recipes are made and added to the site!

March 1 – Beefy Tomato Rice Casserole
March 2 – Pork Parmigiana
March 3 – Italian Patty Melts
March 4 – Southwest Smothered Chicken
March 5 – Speedy Beef Stew
March 6 – Nutty Chicken
March 7 – Nachos
March 8 –  Skillet Beef & Potatoes
March 9 – Fiesta Ranch Burgers
March 10 – Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
March 11 – Chicken ‘n Biscuits
March 12 – White Chicken Chili
March 13 – Autumn Chicken Tenderloins
March 14 – Deep Dish Taco Pizza
March 15 – Country Chicken with Gravy
March 16 – Pasta w/ Grilled Chicken & Asparagus
March 17 – Meaty Calzones
March 18 – Leftovers
March 19 – Bow Tie Beef Soup
March 20 – Spicy Shrimp & Pepper Skillet
March 21 – Chicken Quesadillas
March 22 – Chili Cheese Burgers
March 23 – Chicken Cacciatore
March 24 – Garlic Chicken/Broccoli Stir Fry
March 25 – Zippy Chicken Soup
March 26 – Leftovers
March 27 – Lettuce Wraps
March 28 – Tacos
March 30 – Grilled Cheese/Ham Sandwiches
March 31 – Eat Out 
Stay tuned for my post about *how to* meal plan! Coming soon 🙂

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