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Mommy Must-Have: Bandana Bibs

Bandana Bibs

bandana bib

(Disclaimer: I was compensated in return for my review but all opinions are my own)

Drool. Spit Up. Food crumbs. The baby and toddler stage are full of messes! Rhett loves to get food everywhere and I honestly have no idea how he even gets any in his mouth! Neither he nor Rhory spit up much as babies but he drools enough to soak a onsie in less than 10 minutes. It is CRAZY! Between the drool and the food particles, I have about had enough. We had some neutral bibs left over from Rhory that we used for a while but pretty soon they just weren’t cutting it. The necks were too small or they were just grungy. We needed new bibs and I was on a search. That’s when I found Kiddobee Bandana Bibs and I knew they were perfect!

Kiddobee Bandana Bibs

bandana bibs

How cute are those prints? I love that the set comes with 8 different styles. They are made of very durable fabric with a sewn edge. The back is super soft and super absorbent. Rhett loves them because they aren’t rough or crinkly and almost feel like an extra layer of clothing. Drool is no problem anymore because of how fast it soaks in to the bib! I also love that he can wear these *just* about at all times and they don’t always look like a bib!

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Best Three Features

  1. Kiddobee offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisifed with their bibs – they know you will love them but promise to give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied for ANY reason! We love them over here 🙂 bandana bibs
  2. They are ABSORBENT. I cannot tell you how many bibs we have gone through that get SOAKED within 30 minutes of wearing them. That is not my experience with Kiddobee and I love that about these bibs. I don’t want to have to change bibs multiple times throughout the day because of drool.
  3. They are adjustable which is awesome! Rhett has a big head and neck, ha! But because of this, he needed bibs that have adjustable widths. The clasps are tight and secure so he cannot rip them off but are also easy to undo in a flash – like the other night. He had a poop explosion (where are the equivalent bibs for baby butts, amirite?) and was going crazy. We had to strip him and it was easier to remove the bib than anything else!bandana bibs

I would love to see your babes sporting these adorable bibs and make sure you check out their other designs! All in all, these are a winner in my book!

bandana bibs


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