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Mom-Approved: Teething Tool [ICE CREAM TEETHER GIVEAWAY!]

Mom-Approved: Teething

Mom-Approved Teething Tool

Teething Sucks!

I know I do not stand alone in my sentiment that teething is the WORST. Baby is fussy, uncomfortable and nothing seems to work! Just when you are about to pull your hair out – it seems to calm down for a bit and then BAM! Two other teeth start to pop through. I have gone through this twice now and I hate to tell you that teething doesn’t get any easier with different babies. Some are less fussy but there is always a level of pitiful that accompanies those teeth. I mean, sharp teeth poking through the gums definitely can’t be comfortable but what can we do to help our poor babes?! Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post!

Mom-Approved: Teething Tool

[I did receive these products for free in return for my honest review, but all opinions are my own.]

Recently I discovered these awesome teethers made by a company called Two Brothers and Olivia! If you don’t know – I am obsessed with Oreos and can eat a pack a WEEK – so I jumped all over the Oreo teething necklace! I also was sent the ice cream teether. Rhett loves both of them. I love that the necklace is versatile and can be work with several of my outfits and the ice cream teether is perfect to pop in the diaper bag and give to him while at the store. I look a hot mess in this picture but I seriously love this teether!

Mom-Approved Teething Tool

About Two Brothers and Olivia: The Company

Babies chew on everything even though it isn’t always safe for them to chew on! I can hardly get the car keys out of Rhett’s mouth half the time! These teethers were created to combine safety, style, AND relief for those sweet teething babes. Here is what the creator has to say: “Our line of sensory jewelry offer the opportunity for a child to bite into something familiar and away from their clothes/hair/nails/thumb. It’s also recommended and approved by a pediatrician, dentist, psychologist and school teachers. A child’s therapist said chewy necklaces are “valuable tool for children with sensory needs, who are ‘active learners’ and whose attention actually increases when their body is in motion”.”

ENTER TO WIN YOUR OWN! Also – use code MEOW on their website for 20% off your purchase!


Ice Cream Teether GIVEAWAY!

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