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Mom-Approved: Keepy App Organizes Child Artwork


Mom-Approved: Keepy App Organizes Child Artwork!

Are you a mom (or dad) tired of stacks and stacks of child artwork from school? You need KEEPY!

 keepy app

If you are anything like me, then you love to keep all of your child’s artwork. The Keepy app is making this easy! I have some of the most simple drawings that I just can’t bare to part with for fear of regret. I have considered taking pictures of the documents BUT my phone gets full and I can’t remember when I took the picture or, sometimes, why. Keepy app has MANY great features but I want to share the three that are my favorite! Be sure to check out my video review at the bottom! Download yours HERE!

I did receive compensation in return for my honest review but all opinions are my own!

1. You can add a voice, video, OR text note to each picture.


Have you ever taken a picture of something and then, when you find it again a few months later, completely forget why it was important? I am constantly taking pictures of my kids and documenting our adventures but sometimes I just can’t remember everything! With Keepy I am able to add a note to the picture that shares some details about WHY it is important!

2. You can order products DIRECTLY through the app!

keepy app

Say goodbye to uploading photos in 100 different locations just to get the product you want. You can order directly through Keepy and use your pictures you have already uploaded! They have magnets, mugs, prints, blankets – ALL kinds of possibilities for you to turn your precious memories into keepsakes! 

3. You can add people to your list to get updates!

keepy app

JD and I are lucky enough to live very close to all of our family BUT I know that is not the case for everyone. Through the app you can add people to your list to get updates when you post them. This is perfect for families that may live far away from but now sending updates and pictures is VERY easy! 

The fact that everything can be done through the app is AWESOME! Every picture is stored IN the app and you can then delete them from your phone and not feel bad about it! Mom guilt is a real thing that I struggle with so I am so thankful to have an app that allows me to keep all their treasured memories in one place together!

Check out my video review!


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