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Make The Most Of Your Yard This Summer

Make The Most Of Your Yard This Summer!

Make the most of your yard this summer

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make the most of your yard this summer

Celebrate Summer holidays by creating a memorable experience and surprising your guests with an above ground pool from Rec Warehouse.

Summer is about so much more than just sitting back in an Adirondack chair soaking up the sun’s golden rays while drinking a fruity beverage, and slathering on the tanning oil. In the South, particularly in Atlanta, the summer months give way to boisterous barbecues, rambunctious pool parties, and campfire chats with night-long backyard camp outs. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day all lend themselves to the gathering of friends, family, and neighbors all with the intention of celebrating the grandeur of our country’s accomplishments. Those national holidays are also the perfect excuse for outdoor entertaining, and there is no better way to embrace the outdoors than with a southern-style pool party and barbecue. There are also fewer things more quintessentially American. Look no further than your very own yard for the ideal party location.

When you create a vacation-like destination with summer leisure accessories, it is sure to draw a crowd of delighted guests and maximize your comfort and enjoyment. Creating an enjoyable oasis is easier than ever with the help of the recreation and leisure experts at Rec Warehouse. Rec Warehouse is a company who “sells fun for less” and they specialize in summer essentials like above ground pools, hot tubs, misting fans, outdoor kitchens, and patio furniture. They have three convenient Atlanta locations in Kennesaw, Jonesboro, and Norcross all which are staffed with professionals who are experts in helping customers like you create their ideal backyard vacation destination. Rec Warehouse even carries a host of indoor recreational products, just in case the weather does not cooperate with party plans.

Here are some backyard accessories, available at Rec Warehouse, sure to exponentially turn up your Summertime fun:

  • An above ground pool is the best way to cool off during the hot Summer months. Add pool toys and floating loungers to complete the experience and upgrade the ambiance.
  • Relax each night in a spa or hot tub. Let the hot tub’s jets gently massage your muscles and ease the stresses of a long day. Just sit back relax and melt away into the bubbling water.
  • Enjoy a restaurant-style meal outdoors with a full-sized outdoor dining collection. A set of table and chairs for your deck or patio gives you the capability to eat below the stars. Lounging couches and chairs offer you and your guests a place to kick up your feet and decompress while enjoying the scenic views of your gardens and lawn.
  • Cooking in an outdoor kitchen will send waves of fragrant deliciousness through the air, and your neighbors will flock to your property to taste what you are preparing.
  • Blow guests away with comfort, hydration, and refreshment by using a misting fan to extend your time outside.
  • On those rare occasions when the weather is too hot or when the rain rolls in, start a game of pool on a high-quality pool table while listening to the sweet sounds of a jukebox.


Add any one of these items to your arsenal of toys and your home will quickly become the epicenter of leisure and entertainment.

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Entrust the industry leaders at Rec Warehouse to help you fashion a haven of blissful relaxation and unbridled fun in your backyard. Rec Warehouse is known as one of the largest sellers of above ground pools and hot tubs in the country, and they are certainly the largest and most trusted throughout Atlanta and the Southeast. There is no more qualified company to aid you in the above-ground-pool and hot-tub decision-making and buying process.

Rec Warehouse has earned its reputation for integrity by providing exceptional products for affordable prices because they have a deep-seeded passion for the business. In fact, they have been selling above ground pools since the 1970s. David Doebler, the President of Rec Warehouse, was actually born into the pool business. He was the company’s first official employee, and he became the owner after inheriting the business from his father and uncle. He now is committed to passing on the family tradition to his three children, all of whom work for the company.

make the most of your yard this summer
Rec Warehouse can assist you with all the summer accessory details to make throwing an epic summer party possible. Regardless of what festivities you have forecast between the months of May and September, you can always upgrade the experience by consulting the experts at Rec Warehouse. Whether you add a misting fan, some new patio furniture, an upgraded outdoor kitchen unit, or blow out your Summer BBQ by revealing a new above ground pool; every upgrade will be enjoyed and appreciated by your guests.

I am still in the works of convincing J that we *NEED* a pool this summer 🙂

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