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It’s What I Love About Saturdays – Cups of Coffee and Staying Cozy

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If you are anything like me,  you dream of how lazy you can be on Saturday ALL throughout the week! Both me and my husband work so our schedules throughout the week are pretty rush here, rush there, rush everywhere. We look forward to spending the better part of our Saturday morning just laying around with the kids, making breakfast, and resting. Our bodies need it desperately and our kids love just sitting and playing. This morning they did just that as I sat on the couch soaking in their laughter. P.S. – have you heard of LuLaRoe? If you haven’t YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE! Their leggings are everything… and I recently just scored a pair of sunflower leggings. Sunflowers hold a special place in my heart thanks to Sawyer so I was happy to have them! I am rocking them this morning as I sit and watch my other babies laugh and play.

what I love about saturdays


This morning our breakfast of choice was cinnamon rolls and leftover egg casserole (you can find the recipe HERE)! Cinnamon rolls are usually my go to because Rhory loves them! Well, she loves licking the icing off and asking for more but she eventually eats the roll part. She also ate two helpings of eggs which I count as a win because toddlers can sometimes be so ridiculously picky when it comes to eating. Rhett on the other hand devours anything and everything he can get his hands on…


My view at breakfast is always the best 🙂

Notice my coffee mug? How cute is that! I am all about a mug I can decorate myself and this one is perfect because chalkboard stuff is always right up my alley. It  is called the BeSpoke Mug and you can get yours on sale over at Amazon! The mug is the perfect size and the chalk dries quickly and washes off with just water. Then, you can create a whole new design! If you are a coffee cup hoarder like myself then you must add this to your collection.

Coffee is ESSENTIAL in any mom’s life but ESPECIALLY if you are a teacher mom. I hardly ever get to even drink my coffee at school so I cherish the hot cup on the weekends. JD is awesome about helping out with the kids and breakfast so we can all sit down together and it never gets cold. I am all about some Kroger K-cups because they are cheap and delicious! If you don’t have a Keurig – you need one! 

My coffee station is one of my favorite parts of my kitchen! This is an old sewing table that has been in my family for quite some time. I have had to hide my K-cups because Rhory was taking them and hiding them all over the house but normally they would be sitting in a nice little basket off to the side. The BeSpoke Mug is pretty tall but if you remove the bottom part of the Keurig it will fit just fine. Amazon has TONS of options for Keurigs but this is a personal favorite of mine – and you can get it for $69.99! 

How do you Saturday morning? 


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    Love this! I always like to spend time with family on saturdays!

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