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Looking For The Purrfect Card?

Looking For The Purrfect Card?

Looking for the purrfect card

I am probably the biggest procrastinator when it comes to getting gifts and card for friends and family. I also HATE running out to the store to buy a card to send to a friend. That sounds so terrible, but it’s true. There are so many, spread out all over, and I get so confused by all of the options! Recently I have discovered the end to all of my card troubles! is revolutionizing the way we send cards. Their website is incredibly easy to navigate and while they have an ENDLESS supply of cards – it is SO simple to filter and find the EXACT card you are looking for without spending hours in the store. You may spend hours on the site but only because of all of their great cards!

This is a sponsored post from GreetingCardUniverse but all opinions are my own!

Looking for the purrfect card? Look NO further than!

1. The price is RIGHT!

Have you ever found the EXACT card you were looking for but then realized the price was almost $5? Many of their cards are between $2-$3 and are better quality than what you will find in the store. All cards are eligible for FREE in-store pick-up at my favorite store, Target. I know I said I like avoiding the store, but if you aren’t sure of an address this makes it easy to pick it up and whenever!

2. The quality is AMAZING!

I am a card hoarder, and honestly, most people are as well! A lot of in-store cards are pretty flimsy and they still want a hefty penny for them. All of the cards from Greeting Card Universe are thick and very durable. The quality is unmatched by any store bought card.

3. Almost ALL cards can be personalized!

I will never forget the day I found a semingly perfect, or shall I say purrfect, card at the store. I loved the outside and as soon as I opened it I was dumbfounded at the ridiculous sentiment on the inside but I couldn’t change it. The benefit of Greeting Card Universe is that you can personalize almost every card. If you love the outside, but not the inside – no worries! Change it to reflect the sentiment that best reflects YOU!

4. Postage is reasonable AND there are discounts for bulk purchases!

You will not pay more to ship a card from the site than you would from your house (using a stamp). Also, if you buy certain amounts of cards, you get a discount! This is perfect for the categories they have for Christmas cards and also invitations! Envelopes are included with each card as well.

5. Cards in EVERY category! 

As you can see in my picture above, I ordered a ton of pet cards! The selection for them is astounding – loss of a pet, mothers day from a pet, birthday, cards to say hello, etc! Here are a few of my favorites: 

looking for the purrfect card?

Don’t wait – check out Greeting Card Universe for your PURRFECT card today!


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