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January 2017 Meal Plan

January 2017 Meal Plan

Many have asked for my monthly meal plans with recipes. We are halfway through January but I am posting this for those who would like to get started now or even join me next month. February is complete but I am still working out some kinks before posting. This is a work in progress so bare with me please! I will be linking up recipes a little at a time.

A few notes

  • I tried to plan meals more than once – most ingredients for one recipe could actually be used for two. For instance – we use half a jar of spaghetti for one meal, so it makes sense to buy one jar and make two meals of spaghetti.
  • JD loves variety. He isn’t all about chicken or beef all the time so I try to vary it up. One beef, then chicken, then beef, etc.
  • These are some of our favorite GO TO meals. I am branching out next month to try some new things!
  • My instant pot is my BEST FRIEND. Any recipe I post for the instant pot I will also post instructions for the oven or crock pot, whichever is applicable.
  • I try to shop meat sales. We had an equal spread of beef and chicken this month because BOTH were on great sales at my favorite store Kroger.
  • This is actually my first month buy MOST of the supplies in one trip. As a working mom, going to the grocery store and meal ┬áplanning every week was just really too much and we kept blowing our budget out of the water.
  • I don’t tend to focus a lot of time on finding coupons. I think you can still save money buy planning out coordinating meals to use all your supplies up. If you coupon – great! Make it work for you.
  • Completed recipes will be linked UNDER the calendar.
  • Let me know of any meals you would like to see on the monthly plan or you want me to test out!


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