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How To Plan The Perfect Farm-Filled First Birthday

How To Plan The Perfect Farm-Filled First Birthday

My littlest love just turned ONE! I can hardly believe it. Rhett is a bundle of joy who loves to eat, laugh, and run around the house. He started walking at 10 months and he has not slowed down ONE bit. While he spent the first three months of his life screaming his head off, he has surely mellowed out and is constantly laughing, blowing spit bubbles, and making dinosaur noises. I wasn’t sure what the party theme should be but eventually landed on FARM! I teamed up with some AWESOME vendors through Etsy and also the wonderful Tickled Pink Petting Zoo to really make this party one for the books.

How To Plan The Perfect Farm-Filled First Birthday


I love, love, love giving invitations that match the theme and give a preview of what is to come at the party! MadebyMykeall has INCREDIBLE invitations that were perfect! How adorable is this?

farm-filled first birthday

Invitation – MadeByMykeall: Facebook, Instagram, Etsy


Decorations are the best part of the party! I love making everything coordinate and Pinterest is my best friend. I search for farm parties and try to incorporate everything in to my design and make it fit my party. This adorable banner is also from MadeByMykeall!

how to plan the perfect farm-filled first birthday

how to plan the perfect farm-filled first birthday

Banner – MadeByMykeall: Facebook, Instagram, Etsy

The adorable barn plates are from LittleMichaels! How stinking cute and they match perfectly! I love that everything tied all of the party elements together.

Plates – Little Michaels: Facebook, Etsy, Instagram

PaperieAndCreations supplied these adorable cupcake toppers that were a HUGE hit! I found the little animals at Hobby Lobby and they seemed to tie in very well.

how to plan the perfect farm-filled first birthday

Cupcake Toppers/Thank You Tags – PaperieAndCreations: Etsy

The center of the table is one of my favorite places to decorate. I sometimes go a *tad* overboard but this centerpiece from MyGypsySparkle was the absolute cutest. The animals, barn, and tractor were the icing on the cake – so to speak!

how to plan the perfect farm-filled first birthday

Centerpiece – MyGypsySparkle: Facebook, InstagramEtsy

Is a farm really complete without mason jars? Our house is kind of farm-chic and we drink out of mason jars on a daily basis! I knew I wanted to include them in my party decor but didn’t know the best way. I had never seen decorated mason jars until RosyLunaDesigns and I fell in LOVE!

Mason Jar Decor – RosyLunaDesigns – Facebook, Instagram, Etsy

I made this high chair banner myself! Searching high and low, I just couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved. I set out to Hobby Lobby to get the materials to make my own!

Monthly Picture Banner

This was another one of my favorite pieces of the party. It is always amazing to me to see how they have grown and changed over the year from newborn to 12 months. You don’t really think about it unless the pictures are side by side. I found the adorable cork-board animals at Walmart!


Animal Masks! How cute are these? I got them at Walmart in the party section and they were super cheap. They added a lot of entertainment for the little ones because they were able to act like a whole bunch of different animals!

Petting Zoo! What farm party is complete without the actual farm animals? I wish we lived on a farm, but we don’t so we called in the experts over at Tickled Pink Petting Zoo! I am working on a FULL post just about this awesome company – but you will not be disappointed in using them for your next event. They travel pretty far, are reasonably priced, AND they are so knowledgeable!

farm-filled first birthday


Cake, Food, & Favors

I made the cake myself! I am not a baker or cake decorator by any means but I really wanted to try my hand at a special made smash cake. My grandmother made the cupcakes and I ate about 20 of them! So delicious. All of our food was farm-themed as well. Check out the pictures!

These favor boxes are from Hobby Lobby and we filled them with a farm-themed rubber ducky, cookies and some candy! The tags on the front are from PaperieAndCreations who also supplied the cupcake toppers!

Our food list included apples (Horse Snacks), pigs in a blanket, veggies (Vegetable Patch), chex mix (Chicken Feed), oreos (Tractor Wheels), haystacks, and popcorn (Corn on the Cob)! I didn’t want to go overboard for a 2 PM party! Check out Rhett smashing his cake 🙂

farm-filled first birthday


We love, love, love our sweet Rhett and were so overjoyed to celebrate his first birthday in such a BIG way!

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  1. That’s adorable! Great ideas!

  2. addisonmesser

    The pictures are incredible. What a special memory. You are like the ultimate pinterest mom with all of those farm touches.

  3. Lovely party you had here. Its definitely an idea i love, most of my one year parties have always been themed around Mickey Mouse and co. Guess your idea here is refreshing. Thanks for sharing

  4. presentfullmama

    What a cute and fun idea!!! Love it. Now I want to birthday at a farm hehe

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