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How Does Your Cat Like To Play?

How Does Your Cat Like To Play?

How Does Your Cat Like To Play?

It is no secret that I love cats. I mean, heck, I have five and my blog name is Right Meow or Never for crying out loud! Yet, I am ashamed to admit, I had NO IDEA that different cats played differently. I really just thought they all liked to chase mice and run like chickens with their head cut off – but I could not be more wrong! After learning the different ways cats like to play I started watching my cats and it was interesting to see what kind of cat they actually are when playing.

This is a sponsored post but all reviews and opinions are my own!

How Does Your Cat Like To Play?

“There are four primary play patterns,” says Dr. Georgette Wilson, DVM, the Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs and resident veterinarian at HartzMountain Corp.  “They may stay with one pattern or alternate among different types of play. The primary play patterns for cats are Swat, Hunt, Interact and Activity”. Before I tell you what Swat, Hunt, Interact, and Activity are – can you put your cat in to a category? I have at least one in each!

Swat – Does your cat like to swat or hit things and watch them roll away? They probably fall in to the category of a swatter. I have one cat that lays on her back and literally just swats things away. If the toy rolls back to her then she is really in heaven… LOL

Hunt – How many of you have a cat that LOVES to drop that little mouse or rat on your front porch … (insert eye roll). We had a cat growing up that would do this ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes she even brought in a live lizard- GROSS! Cats were once wild animals, so it is part of their nature to hunt. My cats are all indoor and I do have several that pounce and chase after little (fake) mice all over the house.

Interact – Some of my cats are homebodies. Like legit do not leave my side. These are the ones that fall in to the interact category! They love

Activity – These are the active cats – the cats that like to challenge themselves with hidden treats and things of that sort. I used to have a cat like this but all my current cats are just lazy LOL They do like scratching posts but they also like scratching my sofa…

Hartz Toys Fit The Bill For Every Cat!

For the swatter:

The The Roll About Mouse™ is purrfect! It has a soft plush head and feathers attached to the body (which is a rolling ball!).

how does your cat play?

For the hunter:

The Chirping Bird™ is absolutely the best AND most annoying! LOL As soon as I took this one out of the package the cats went crazy! Another good option are the Mini Mice™… Cats love mice! These are a pretty simple toy that are just small mice and the cats love to chase them and pounce on them. Thankful they are not dropping off *real* mice on my doorstep 🙂

how does your cat play? how does your cat play?

For the interacting cat:

Both the Twirl and Whirl® and Gone Fishin’® are sure to be a hit! I love them both but I *really* like that the Gone Fishin’ can be suctioned to a surface for cats to play when you are away. Rhory loves these too because it allows her to play with the cats. Twoey and Huckleberry are particularly fond of Gone Fishin’!

how does your cat play

how does your cat play

For the activity cat:

A combination of any of the above paired with a good place for scratching would be purrfect!


I have to say that once we introduced our cats to more “cat friendly” toys the other scratching went down tremendously. Even though cats generally just take care of themselves they do need some things to keep them active (when they are not sleeping the whole day away!). Word of caution: PUT THE TOYS UP AT NIGHT! Otherwise you will hear never ending chasing and cats scampering all around the house at unnecessary hours of the night.

Hartz has you covered for all your cat toy needs – check out their website and you are sure to find something to fit the bill! Many of their toys are sold at most major pet stores!


Which toys do you think your cats would love the best?

how does your cat like to play?


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  1. I love this post because our animals are just as important as our kids. We do constant research on our kids and how or why they do things. I love the toys towards the end too. Great post.

  2. Your post makes me miss having a cat. Playing with cats is so much fun, if only my husband wasn’t allergic to cats.

  3. It’s so smart that the gone fishing toy has a suction cup! Great idea so cats can play when their adult is away!

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