Right Meow or Never!

Welcome! I am excited to get this venture started and am thankful to have you here along for the ride. I am getting things set up slowly and surely but I would love input about what you would like to see here – what interests you? The main drive behind this my meal planning/recipes/shopping lists but there are so many other facets that I want to cover.

Crazy Cat Love: My mom works with a cat rescue – each week I will be featuring one of their cats that is up for adoption; pictures, information, etc. It’s clear I have a passion for animals, cats particularly, so I am excited about this! Our first featured cat is Billie!

Handy Hubby: My husband and I recently bought a new (to us) home and have been slowly but surely doing renovations. He makes my dreams reality and I am always in love with the final product. I will feature past projects, current projects, and future ideas – stocked with before/after photos and tips/tricks.

Cooking: Many have expressed interest in my meal ideas/menu planning/etc, so I am using this to reach those who are interested in an easier fashion than a Facebook post that will eventually get lost.

Crafting: With two kids 2 and under there is a lot of crafting we do – specifically around the holidays. I also spend some time crafting for birthday parties, events, and even school projects. Stay tuned for simple ideas you can also put in to practice!

Teacher Life: Ya’ll – teaching is legit exhausting – amirite? With that being said – I have found SO many helpful resources that have either changed my classroom management or strongly influenced my teaching practices. I cannot wait to share those with you all and hopefully you will find something to ease the load. Teachers have to help each other out – it takes a village!

Family: Keep tabs on my family and what we are up to – what adventures we are taking, new milestones, you name it – it will be there.

Grief Support: Losing Sawyer was hands down the most difficult thing we have ever been through. Speaking of child loss used to be so taboo – but it just can’t be like that. Us moms who have said goodbye to a baby much too soon need support and love. I’ll be using this to reflect on my own grief and reach out to others with resources that have helped my journey. Every one travels a different path of grief but regardless our hearts all have a piece that will forever be missing.


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