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Growing Memories; Gardening with Daddy

Growing Memories ; Gardening with Daddy

While cooking is my passion, JD loves all things outdoors. Rhory is the first one to jump to “help” either of us. Although if you have kids you know that a two-year-old helping is really more destruction than anything! We love her help, though, and it’s even better when the task at hand is already a messy one! Right near her second birthday I found some sunflower seeds for them to plant. She loves digging in dirt and I knew this would be something right up her alley – boy was I right! Since then she keeps asking when we will dig again – and finally we have found the perfect thing! Sproutbrite Wildflowers Seed Kit is everything you need for home gardening AND creating some memories with your kiddos.

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Gardening with Daddy

Rhory was in heaven when our new gardening kit arrived! She could not wait to get started. Naturally it created a huge mess, but the memories that were created between her and JD were priceless. I love seeing them bond over something so fun and interactive!

growing memories: gardening with daddy


growing memories: gardening with daddy

What is Sproutbrite?

Sproutbrite is a company that provides unique variety of grow on your own non-GMO pollinated seeds! They have vegetable kits, wildflower kits, AND herb kits. Each of these kits contain 10 different flowers, herbs, or vegetables. You can plant them either inside OR outdoors. Inside works best for us because of all of the deer and other animals that roam our property. I am not looking for my plants to go missing! The kit includes planting instructions/schedule, tips, and a companion planting chart so you know which plants should be planted next to each other.

Why do I need Sproutbrite?

On their website, Sproutbrite has a saying – “Brite products Brighten people’s day.” This rings true in our house! Anything we can do with the kids is something we love. Memories are big around here and we like to find different ways to create those memories. This is definitely a way for you to create some memories with your kiddos! All of the seeds are separated in to their own containers and, with the accompanying instructions, it is easy for you to work together to grow your plants! Also, kids learn through doing – and what better way to teach some responsibility than to show them how to take care of plants and water them? Hands-on learning for the win!

Giving Back

Another big selling feature for me is that Sproutbrite GIVES back to the community with every purchase made. Each flower kit you buy results in a donation to Kaboom. Kaboom is an organization dedicated to continuing the state of play in communities all across the United States. For every vegetable kit purchased, they donate to No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry was designed to end the child hunger problem in the United States. For every herb kit purchased, funds will be donated to the I Have A Dream Foundation. The I Have a Dream Foundation offers support to under-resourced public schools or housing units to aid some of the children with support and resources from elementary all the way to high school AND offers guaranteed tuition assistance.

The best place to purchase them in on Amazon through these links: vegetable kits – wildflower kits – herb kits because they are offering an INTRODUCTORY price and you can save some money!


I would love to see you and your kiddos using these if you decide to venture out and buy a kit!



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