Finding Furever Friday : Deacon

[Each week we are featuring a new cat from Planned Pethood that is available for adoption. See last week’s cat here.]

Finding Furever Friday : Deacon

Finding Furever Friday : Deacon

Finding Furever Friday : Deacon

The story of Deacon, as told by Deacon:

I was named for Deacon Claybourne, the ruggedly handsome, sensitive singer/songwriter on “Nashville.” I guess that’s appropriate because my life has had all the ups and downs of a classic country song. I’m also a solo act: I MUST be the only cat in the house.

I was rescued as a kitten, along with my brother and sisters, from a crawlspace under a vacant house when I was less than a week old. My first home wasn’t a good fit for me–that’s where I figured out I had to be an only cat–and my family returned me after almost a year.

I waited six long months to find love again, and I was so happy to go home with my next family and be their one and only kitty. But they had some problems a few months later that forced them to return me.

A few months later, I was adopted again. Third time’s the charm–or so I thought. But after promising to keep me as an only cat, they adopted a kitten, and when forced to choose between me and the kitten, they chose the kitten.

So here I am again, waiting for the perfect family to find me–the family that will love and treasure me forever as their only cat. Are you the happy ending to my sad country song?

I’m a very friendly cat who likes to be petted and will roll over for belly rubs. I even walked on a leash for a little while at an adoption event! I will purr and purr when you’re near me, and I might even sit in your lap. I’m a young cat, so I’m still very playful. I promise that I’m all the cat you’ll ever need or wish for!

If you’re the right match for me, you won’t have any other cats AND you won’t add any others. A dog MAY be OK. I have some (mild) health issues and need to eat a prescription food and take some very affordable medication. I promise that I’m easy to give pills to.

If you want a handsome, sensitive kitty with LOTS of personality to share your life with, I may be the cat for you. Please contact my foster mom to find out how to meet me so we can find out if it’s a match made in country heaven.

If you would like to know more about Deacon, you can call/text Erin at 703-585-4806 or email erinmtoo@gmail.com.


Finding furever Friday : Deacon

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