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Finding Furever : America

Finding Furever : America


Finding Furever : America


I am so excited to finally be bringing back our Finding Furever Featured Pets! This Friday we are starting with adorable America from Planned Pethood!

Finding Furever : America

I am taking this information straight from the latest FB post from Planned Pethood – help us get her home!

My fellow animal lovers, the state of America is…well, it’s not good. She could really use your help.

That’s America the cat, not the country.

Adopted as a kitten, America came back to us over a year ago after a child in her adoptive home developed allergies. Understandably distressed by losing her home, she’s grown increasingly depressed and anxious. The best remedy would be a new forever home–but we haven’t found one for her despite featuring her here on Facebook and at our adoption centers.

We need your help to find America a home where she can relax and feel safe again. Please SHARE this post on and off Facebook. Show this special cat to co-workers, family members, neighbors. Talk her up at your book club or gym, your house of worship, your children’s ball games and birthday parties. You never know when you’ll encounter someone who’s looking for a new pet–or knows someone who’s looking.

Contact her foster at for more information or stop by the adoption center at the Johns Creek PetSmart (3630 Peachtree Parkway) to see her beginning later this week.

America needs a home without young children or other pets. She may eventually be able to tolerate a cat or dog companion after adjusting to her new home, but we can’t guarantee it. Her anxiety causes her to be initially hissy and aloof, but after she feels at home, she expresses her affection for people. She’s a “fluffy” cat–that’s our nice way of saying she’s carrying a little excess weight–and she can be talkative. She’s about 5 years old and healthy.

Please help us return America to the sweet, relaxed, content cat she once was and that we know she can be again. Thank you!

Finding Furever : America

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