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Featured Rescue Dog; Troy

[Each week we are featuring a new dog for adoption that is available through Pup and Cat Co. See last weeks dog HERE.]

Featured Dog ; Troy

featured rescue dog

Troy’s Story

Troy is a gorgeous, full of life, 3 – 4 year old Shepherd/Boxer mix who came to Pup & Cat Co. from Animal Control.  He appeared to be healthy other than being very very thin. After a couple of weeks they noticed he was not eating well and seemed nauseated.  That being concerning, he was taken to the vet and examined and nothing significant showed up.  However, being thorough, it was suggested that x-rays be taken.  That created a WOW, WHOA, WHAT THE HECK, WIDE-EYED AMAZEMENT !!!!! …….diagnosis Diaphragmatic Hernia,  This hernia occurs in dogs when the abdominal organs (such as the stomach, liver, intestine, colon, etc.) move to an abnormal opening in an animal’s diaphram).  Long story short, he needed surgery immediately if he were to live and that was pretty iffy at that.  Going to specialists at UGA was not an option because of the exorbitant cost so we went with the best surgeon around, Dr. Jimmy Cobb.  We were forewarned of the high risks of this surgery and his survival.  There really weren’t any options, if we did nothing, he would die, and during surgery he might die.  We opted to try, but then it was in God’s hands.  He survived surgery,  and with his will to live, he survived and recovered fully and is an active fun-loving happy guy.  The only thing that would  put the icing on the cake would be to have his very own home and family and live happily ever after.

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