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Featured Rescue Dog; Panda

Each week we are featuring a new dog for adoption that is available through Pup and Cat Co. See last weeks dog HERE.]

Featured Rescue Dog ; Panda

featured rescue dog

Panda is what we call a Gentle Giant. She weighs over 80 pounds and is  a little over a year old. She is a Great Pyrenees mix. This dog is sweet and gentle and loves for you to pet her!!!
Her story is that she was found on an old dirt road with another dog and taken in. However the person that found her is a single dad with full custody of three young girls that works all the time and realizes that she needs a lot more attention than he was able to provide. Such a big dog needs some extra training inside the house.

She has been with her foster family for a week now and she is doing GREAT!! She is learning to listen but very stubborn!! She just wants to be where the people are!! She rides great in a car and walks well on a leash. She is great with other dogs and ignores cats for now but I could see her being best friends with a cat.  She has been around kids from age 9 – 14 and loves them. She loves everyone and I feel that she can be adopted without any exceptions. She will need a yard with a SECURE fence because she can escape from just about anywhere. The only thing I am seeing a problem with is when she wants to go somewhere, she goes and it is hard to stop her. But, she is still a puppy!! If you are interested in adding her to your family, please contact Pup and Cat Co!

featured rescue pet

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