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Featured Rescue Cats; Shoebox & Sarah

[Each week we are featuring a NEW rescue cat up for adoption through Planned Pethood! Check out last week’s cat!]

Featured Cats ; Shoebox and Sarah

Featured Rescue Cats

How adorable are these sweet little babies! Shoebox and Sarah both had a pretty sad start to their lives but they are now thriving thanks to Planned Pethood of GA. Here is the story on both of them-


Shoebox was found in… you guessed it, a shoebox! He was slid through the door at the vets office and whoever dropped him off drove away very quickly. Unfortunately he was very young and needed his mom but Planned Pethood bottle fed him to be a strong kitten. Usually when kittens are that young, alone, and separated from their mom they are a bit wild. They don’t learn all the appropriate ways that cats should behave because they are not exposed to others. Luckily, around the same time Shoebox was discovered, Sarah was dropped off at Animal Control. They have become best friends and love hanging out with each other! 


Sarah was discovered at a construction site with her siblings. Mom was no where in site and unfortunately her siblings did not make it :/ Sarah was nursed back to health by Planned Pethood and due to being so young she also needed a friend so she could learn how to be a proper kitten! Seeing Sarah and Shoebox play together is so fun because they really love each other. She will have surgery this week to repair an umbilical hernia and then will need time to recover. 

Both kittens will be up for adoption in a few weeks but they can be pre-adopted!

Featured Rescue Cat

Featured Rescue Cat

Contact Planned Pethood if you are interested in Shoebox and Sarah!


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