Featured Rescue Cat; Mocha

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Featured Cat ; Mocha

featured cat

Mochas Story

Mocha is an adorable tiger tabby who was born to a mama near a car lot in Sandy Springs. A contractor working on the lot saw the kittens playing, but couldn’t see the mama and was worried the kittens would die. So, Mocha and her 2 sisters were brought to Planned PEThood of GA where they were lovingly cared for and fostered for adoption. Mocha’s two sisters were adopted, and Mocha is left alone, wanting a friend to play with her and love on her. The photos attached to this profile are of Mocha now, and 2 from when she was a kitten. 

Mocha is friendly, active, loves other kitties,is affectionate, and is playful. She is a happy kitten with a sunny disposition. She desperately wants a home of her own with a family who can enjoy her. She asks you to come see her because she thinks once you do, you’ll fall in love with her. She says she’ll put on all her charms so you know she wants you to take her home!

Contact Planned Pethood if you are interested in Mocha!

featured cat

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