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Featured Cat; Cindy

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Featured Cat ; Cindy

featured rescue cat

Cindy’s Story

Hi! My name is Cindy and I have a interesting story. I was adopted when I was little baby in 2013. In May this year my foster mom found out that I was in a shelter (not good!) because the shelter scanned me when I was taken in and found my micro-chip.

The micro-chip company called Planned Pethood to tell them I was there. My foster called the shelter back and found out that the lady who had adopted me (and promised to love/care for me) had put me there herself. (I had not gotten lost or wandered away). She abandoned me and sent me to a place where I could have died!

When my foster mom got to the shelter I was in bad shape. I only weighed 5.5 lbs (I should weight around 8-9 lbs) and my beautiful smoke & black colored fur coat was all matted and dirty. And that wasn’t all! I was in a lot of pain and my mouth hurt (that’s why I wasn’t eating well, but the lady who I’d thought would always be my mom had not taken me to the Vet). My foster mom took me immediately to the doctor and the doctor said that they had to take my all of my teeth out to make me feel better. I had a condition called stomatitis. Fortunately, the condition is “healed” when the teeth go away.

I got my surgery and I started to feel better. My appetite came back and my lovely fur coat started to grow back and it is SO beautiful. It took a while but my foster mom tells me I am all better and that I am STUNNING. (She would know). 🙂

Now that I feel so much better, I am once again a loving and SWEET girl. I love to rub against you, snuggle, and I especially enjoy talking to you. I give great little head butts and really like to be petted. But, even after ALL THIS, I still am looking for my TRUE forever home. Is there someone out there who will LOVE me, and take care of me, and who will treat me like a princess. Are you that family who will promise to keep me safe?

Cindy is available for just $14 TODAY! Give her the home she so desperately deserves!

Contact Planned Pethood if you are interested in Cindy!

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