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Easy Cheesy Bacon and Egg Instant Pot Casserole


Have you noticed an Instant Pot theme yet? I am literally a CHANGED woman because of this incredible kitchen gadget! 

This recipe almost started out as a major FAIL! So, please, learn from my mistakes and follow the recommendations rather than trying to create some quicker method… like I did.

Have you heard of PIP cooking? It stands for Pan in Pot cooking with the Instant Pot! You will need to roll up some tinfoil and wrap it up around the pan so that you can easily lift it out after cooking. I will post more about this cooking method later, but reach out with any questions!

easy cheese bacon and egg instant pot casserole

I cooked this in a 9 inch round pan which fit perfectly in the Instant Pot with room around the edge for pressure to build! Originally I tried to cook it without a pan – FAIL. Do not try that method!

8 strips of bacon, crumbled (I cook my bacon in the microwave, quick and easy)
8 eggs
1/4 cup of milk
1 cup of cheese (or more if you like it!)
2 cups frozen hashbrowns

Whisk eggs and milk together.
Add in cheese, bacon and hashbrowns.
Add 1 cup of water to IP and steaming rack. 
Pour all ingredients in a GREASED 9 inch round pan. 
Make sure you have your “foil handle” under the 9 inch pound and fold together so you can seal lid.
Seal lid and set timer to manual 10 minutes and manually release pressure.

easy cheesy bacon and egg instant pot

Here is what happens when you DON’T grease the pan – annoying!

easy cheesy bacon and egg instant pot

It may not look delicious but oh my – so good! We had biscuits also, breakfast for dinner is awesome!

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  1. Charlotte Davenport

    Looks delish?

  2. Lisa

    Can you post pictures of the tin foil thing? I’m not sure what to do. Cook in 9 inch skillet then transfer to tin foil thing to put in the IP? I’m so lost! Looks tasty and would like to try it. Accept my apologies for being so ignorant!

    1. AC

      Yes! I will post what it looks like tonight and send it to you via email! It is kind of confusing to explain without pictures 🙂

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