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[Book Review] Dustrats! Or, The Adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinsson

Dustrats! Or, The Adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinsson


dustrats book review

I did receive a free copy of this book for review, but all opinions are my own. This post includes affiliate links.

Dustrats! Book Review

During the school year I love to read new and just released or pre-released books to my class! The love read alouds but they *really* love knowing they are some of the first ears and eyes of a certain book. It captures their attention in a way different than other well-known books and I love it! They are all very aware of my love for cats and accept any new cat books with open arms, probably more than others!

Dustrats! Or, The Adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinson by Adria Regordosa is an incredible story of one cat, Sir Muffin Muffinson, as he watches over his human baby sister Emma while she dreams. He is charged with cleaning up the dust, yet unfortunately he has not kept up. As Emma sleeps, seven days of unruly dust wreaks havoc on the house! Sir Muffin Muffinson chases them throughout the house with his vaccuum, yet Emma has some wild dreams that start to shift the world around him. The images are unreal in the way the bring the story to life!

In one area of the house Emma’s dream has completely transformed the bathroom in to an ocean of wonder! The artwork in Dustrats! Or, The Adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinson does not disappoint. My students and I read this book several times over and were able to discover something new in the artwork each time!

dustrats book review

I read this book to my 5th grade students but I think it would capture the attention of any elementary level student. My daughter, Rhory, who is almost three also loved the book – more for the pictures! They truly make the story come to life. She loved pointing out all of the different animals and things she recognized on each page. I also love that the story could be turned in to a writing assignment – especially a creative one. Students can be challenged to detail Emma’s dream and what else happens in the ocean scene. I’ll end with one of my favorite pictures – makes me wonder about the dreams Rhory has and my wild cats!

dustrats book review


Pick up your own copy of Dustrats! Or, The Adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinson on Amazon today. Whether you are a teacher or a mom – you will not regret adding this to your library!


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