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DIY Purrfect Valentines!

DIY Purrfect Valentines!

I am usually the mom that waits until the VERY last minute to do any type of class craft or anything of the sort. It isn’t that I don’t want to do them – I just always forget before time quickly becomes my enemy. Most would say – no biggie, just buy some at the store. Yet, I just can’t do it. Handmade is my jam even if I am scrambling around at midnight the night before a class party. Don’t act like you haven’t done the same! 

This DIY Purrfect Valentines tutorial is a result of my extremely inability to plan ahead, so you’re welcome! These are easy and quick and even my two year old could help me out. If you aren’t in to cats this could easily be transformed in to a puppy valentine, just maybe without the yarn! 

diy purrfect valentines


What you’ll need:

-scrapbook paper
-foam hearts
-outline of cat head
-marker or pencil for tracing


  1. Trace the cat head on to the back of the scrapbook paper. Cut out the heads a few at a purrfect valentines
  2. Glue on the foam heart (upside down) and draw a cat face!diy purrfect valentines
  3. Trace the outer edge with glue and attach yarn! WALA!diy purrfect valentine

Honestly, you probably have most of this at your house OR you can easily get a lot of it at the dollar store. These DIY Purrfect Valentines are super easy and cheap to make – a guaranteed hit with your child’s class! Who doesn’t love homemade valentines?





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  1. Adorable! I’m also a DIYer even if it means slaving the night away!

  2. Very cute, I’ll have to try these

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