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Do-It-Yourself Catio


diy catio

I am 100% sure my husband loves me because he absolutely hates cats, yet we have five AND he built them a catio! I grew up with a slew of cats – he, on the other hand, had non because his dad was allergic. Fair enough, BUT, ya’ll! Cats are my life! HA! I know they are slowly growing on him – he built them a catio for crying out loud.

The whole project took about 3 days total (spread out over two weeks) and materials were around $400 when it was all said and done. I do not have step by step instructions because he just made it up as he went but he did a fantastic job. The cats love it and I love that they aren’t running in the wild or the street. He did attach it to the side of our house so it took some creativeness in terms of cutting the wood.

Here are the step by step photos. Rhory got in on the action of building it – anything to help her daddy!


Who doesn’t love a good catio? What crazy things have you done for your cats OR other animals?


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  1. Katie

    That is so awesome!!!!

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