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Diaper Bag Organization – Switching to a Backpack Diaper Bag!


What’s in YOUR diaper bag?
Does your diaper bag need a makeover?

backpack diaper bag review
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Diaper bag drama: Having diaper bag for one kid was no problem. Everything stayed in it’s place; diapers, wipes, diaper cream, mom essentials, etc. Almost one year ago we added another little munchkin in to our family and diaper bag life suddenly became difficult. Now there were two different size diapers, snacks for the older, bottles for the younger… the list goes on of things that were needed between two different age children. We were constantly leaving the house with items missing from the bag or, even worse, strange items thrown in the bag! My friends raved about their diaper bag backpacks but I wasn’t sold. I needed to see for myself how this was so “life-changing”.

If you are anything like me then your diaper bag is full of random crap.  I recently found three half-eaten crackers, two tampons, two squished fruit snacks, a handful of goldfish, and one disposable nursing pad floating around the bottom of my diaper bag. I NEED AN INTERVENTION. Ya’ll – EMBARRASSING is the only word that covers digging around in that thing looking for something while an onlooker just stares… BUT, I think my problem has been solved!

Backpack Diaper Bag

This is the Multi-Pocket Diaper Bag Backpack for Moms and Dads with Matching Changing Mat by Loti. You can purchase it on Amazon and it qualifies for Amazon Prime so you can get it super quick! There are pros and cons to any diaper bag but the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to choosing a backpack diaper bag.


  • Weight is evenly distributed and your arms are free!
  • Suitable for both mom AND dad
  • POCKETS; so many pockets.
  • Material is durable.
  • Foldable changing pad is included!
  • Padded pocket for laptop/tablet


  • Cannot access bag while wearing
  • Not the cutest design
  • Might not be suitable for parents with more than 3 in diapers.
  • The “hook” or strap on the top is in the middle rather than close to the back so hanging it on a hook can *sometimes* be difficult.


Overall, the backpack diaper bag is a huge WIN for me! My husband doesn’t mind carrying it because the striped pattern is nothing like the green and blue sea turtle design we used to have. There is a pocket for everything – bibs, snacks, disposable place mats, toys, snacks, bottles, diapers, wipes, and MY essentials. My biggest complaint of other bags is how tired my arm gets AND how hard it is to wrangle a run-away toddler (ya feel me?) in the middle of SAMs club all while trying to make sure I don’t lose the dang diaper bag. Since switching to the backpack I have had no near instances of lost baggage due to the terrible twos. (If you are experiencing the terrible twos as well.. solidarity my friend, solidarity.)

backpack diaper bag

The larger pocket in the back is perfect for diapers/wipes/toys/creams/ointments/any other baby butt needs… ha! But really, I can fit BOTH kids diapers in the back pocket and put the wipes/toys/changing pad in and still have room in the opposite pocket for all the creams and whatnot. I also throw my stuff on top. By my stuff I just mean my wallet because I have totally given up on the whole purse thing with kids. [#byefelicia] The front pocket is PERFECT for snacks/bottles/bibs/etc. Also, just hook the backpack on your stroller when you get tired of carrying it on your back. 

backpack diaper bag

Diaper Bag Drama – SOLVED!

As I said before – this product is a win! I have not looked back and I doubt you will as well. The changing pad itself has a strap for you to carry in case you are just quickly running in to Target (but who *really* runs in to Target quickly, amirite?). It has a place for diapers and wipes and of course the changing pad in the event you cant find a changing table! It detaches though and you could just carry in the diapers and wipes! Rhett loves it 🙂

backpack diaper bag

Have you tried a backpack diaper bag yet? Let me know your thoughts! You NEED this one in your life!



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  1. Amber

    I love how big the changing pad is! The one that came with my diaper bag was only big enough for a newborn. I love the stripe pattern, very cute.

    1. AC

      Yes! The changing pad size also drew me in because I need something that fits under the whole baby!

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