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Cleaning Your Kitchen Has Never Been Easier!

Cleaning Your Kitchen Has Never Been Easier!

Cleaning Your Kitchen Has Never Been Easier

If you know me, you know I hate cleaning. I HATE IT! But, I have discovered that cleaning the kitchen does not have to be terrible. In fact, cleaning your kitchen has never been easier!

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Cleaning Your Kitchen Has Never Been Easier

Have you heard of e-cloth cleaning? It is revolutionary! I’ll admit – I was skeptical because the claim is that you “just need water”. Water? That’s it? Never! So, I set out on a mission to prove it wrong. I started with my stove top because it is the pain in my butt of all kitchen appliances! Here is the before picture:

Sadly, that is pretty clean. Sure there are some food debris but for the most part it is generally as clean as I have been able to get it! I even scrub it with a sponge and NOTHING makes it better. I wet my cloth and got ready to get to work – eager to prove myself wrong.

The one spot near the top left is a constant problem and I was eager to erase it from the oven AND the my memory! HA! To my surprise…

GONE! I cannot believe it. I am in shock but also so ecstatic! If I knew it was this simple to clean my kitchen – I may have done more of it a long time ago. I kind of went crazy after this but I will spare you the pictures, ha! I cleaned the counters, the sink, the table – THESE CLOTHS ARE MAGIC.

Three Reasons I Will Forever Use E-cloths

Reason #1 – They Are Simple

Everything I have shared thus far already support this reason, but I cannot share it enough! You only need water! As crazy as it sounds, I totally understand your apprehension BUT I am not lying when I say it is true. I am always so worried about cleaning with chemicals around the kids – especially now that they are both in to everything. I can’t lie and say I never use a clorox wipe because chicken juice is absolutely disgusting, BUT once I use the wipe I go back to wipe everything down with my Kitchen Cloth! It has a built in scrubber on the corner and is perfect for wiping down but also scrubbing those tough spots. The cloth is also guaranteed for 300 washes in the washing machine – incredible!

Reason #2 – Eco-Friendly AND Inexpensive!

Because these are not wipes that you throw away – they are super eco-friendly! You can use the clothes multiple times before actually having to throw it in the washing machine. My kitchen cloths before were disgusting even after washing them repeatedly. I also had to wash them VERY often, almost after every use. Not so much with the e-cloths! Bonus: The e-cloth pictured above is only $7.99. That is less than I pay for a pack of paper towels that hardly last a month! The price is an incredible value for what you get – you will not be disappointed!

Reason #3 – They Offer TONS Of Varieties

I was able to test out the Kitchen Cloth AND the Stainless Steel Cleaning Set. The Stainless Steel Set is awesome because one cloth is two sided – for polished and non-polished stainless steel surfaces. Also, it is paired with a wipe-clean cloth to dry the surface and remove all fingerprints! They also have a line of Automotive E-Cloths, Facial E-Cloths, AND Pet E-Cloths! It is amazing the variety of cloths they have developed that span such a variety – and all so eco-friendly!

Cleaning Your Kitchen Has Never Been Easier

Do not wait any longer and continue to hate kitchen cleaning!  Make it easy on yourself with E-Cloths!


What do you like most about the e-cloths?

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  1. I think I need to try this!! Those stubborn food stains are literally the WORST, and I absolutely hate using harsh chemicals.

    1. AC

      Yes! These are so awesome and cost-friendly!

  2. I have been using these in all areas of my home. I loved how they tackled the stainless steel Weber Grill too! My husband went to work and told the girls about them and they now want to try them. Especially on their computer screens! I too love not having to use paper towels so much. Cleaning up the granite and the stovetop has never been easier. And, yes, I too just rinse the cloth and hang to dry til the next use.They do dry very quickly. I had a galvanized tin carryall with a handle that has divided trays. I use it for placing my towels in for the bath, kitchen, living area, etc. It helps me and the cleaning service when they are all in a convenient place.

  3. Does anyone else have any other clever way they use them around the house? Also any storage ideas would be welcome.

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