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Citrus Season is Upon Us!

Citrus Season is Upon Us!

citrus season is upon us

In our house we love fruit, probably too much. The available variety is what keeps us coming back and we try to get something different each and every month. Rhory, in particular, loves oranges. The girl can eat one almost every day and never tire of them. Recently I discovered the company Limoneira. Their main focus is lemons but they have also expanded to offer a variety of delicious citrus fruits! They are based in California, but ship their oranges (and other fruits) all over!

What to Order?

I love that the oranges are so juicy and sweet! Rhory had juice running down her mouth after every bite. Limoneira offers boxes to ship out as gifts like this one which features 12 oranges for just $22 or the variety pack here that includes a variety of all of their produce for $42! I can think of so many recipes that would be perfect for these lemons and oranges – do you have a favorite recipes that includes orange juice? How about a perfect glass of FRESH squeezed orange juice in the morning? Now I am craving breakfast foods!

Orange Delight

Photo Credit: Limoneira

Heritage Select Citrus

Photo Credit: Limoneira

Skin Care

Yes! You read that correctly – skin care created from their home-grown fruit! Here are some of my favorite options.

Avocado Mask
A unique formula that combines avocado skin softening and soothing with the healing effects of zinc oxide; super moisturize with naturally derived humectants and natural barrier formers.

Lemon Balm Hand Cleanser
Made with all natural ingredients, our lemon lotion, hand cleanser with lemon sugar candle reflects the aroma of Limoneira’s orchards.  I need this in my life!

citrus season is upon us

Check out Limoneira’s website, Facebook, and Twitter!

What To Make?

Now – we have all these oranges… What in the world are we going to make with all of these oranges? I am no expert by any means so I would LOVE to hear your favorite recipes using oranges so I can use them the next time I get some of these delicious treats in my mailbox!

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