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Change The Way You Feed Your Toddler!

Change The Way You Feed Your Toddler!

change the way you feed your toddler

Can we just talk about how cute that baby is for a second? HA! Maybe I am partial but he is so adorable.

I was compensated in return for my review but all opinions/thoughts are my own!

If I had to complain about one thing for a second it would be feeding time for toddlers. They either devour everything  you put in front of them, or like tonight, demand a donut in place of touching a single piece of food you put on their plate. Rhett devours each piece of food, Rhory hates everything. I struggle to find foods that she will even try. I know Rhett is in the picture BUT I have used this Osho Silicone Placemat more for Rhory. She loves racing to see which section she can finish first! I put her meat in one portion and her fruits/veggies in the other. She cackles at the fact there is a sun and a cloud on her placemat!

Benefits of the Osho Silicone Placemat:

  • Deep edges so food isn’t sloshing all over the place. Would you believe I have actually put cereal and milk in the sun? It works because the edges are so tall!
  • Made with 100% food grade silicon and it is free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates
  • Easy to clean; hand wash OR dishwasher!
  • Suctions to the table to stop and movement
  • No sharp corners or small edges that could possibly trap food or liquid – that would eventually lead to mold!
  • Best of all – makes feeding time FUN!

My only drawback is that it does not quite suction to my wood table. This could be for several reasons though because we don’t have a really great sealant on the table and the table is not exactly *totally* clean every time we put the placemat down.


You can get your own HERE! Or, if you stay patient — I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY of one over on my FB page next week!!

change the way you feed your toddler


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