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Books By The Pound; Newest Metro-Atlanta Used Bookstore!

Books By The Pound

Metro-Atlanta’s newest way to shop for used books! 

books by the pound

Those of you who know me know I love to read, especially with my kids. Rhory absolutely loves to read and she could read ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT if I would let her. The teacher side of me loves this! The mom trying to put her daughter to bed gets frustrated by it at times. I am constantly on the hunt for new-to-us books for her to read. If you have young children you understand the struggle of wanting more books but lack of funds. If you are a teacher – you understand this two-fold. Not only do I want a ton of books for Rhory and Rhett, but I also want books for my school kids. 

Yesterday an email from my school arrived in my inbox about a new store opening in metro-Atlanta with a sole focus on selling used books by the pound. Just a few days ago I posted to my own Facebook account looking for ANYONE interested in going through and donating books to my classroom library, so I was ecstatic. I forwarded the email to my mom and made plans to get there as close to opening as possible – I didn’t want all of the good books to be gone! My students have read through *almost* all of my classroom library books. We also have a school library BUT it is sometimes just so much easier for them to grab one off of my shelf!

I arrived at about 11 AM and was relieved, for my sake, to see the parking lot not bursting at the seams! Rhory was promised all morning that we would take a trip to the bookstore and she knew adventure awaited behind the doors! Immediately we found the children’s book section and she got to work looking for her favorites. She always wants to get every book but I try to encourage her to just pick a couple. She, and I, can NOT believe the multitude of books! It is incredible!

books by the pound

books by the pound

Books By The Pound

860 Duluth Highway
Lawrenceville, GA
Hwy 120 & 316 next to Starbucks

Open Monday – Thursday 10 am – 9 pm
Friday & Saturday 10 AM – 10 PM

How Much?
0-3 pounds – 3.99/lb
3-8 pounds – 2.99/lb
8 pounds & up – 1.99/lb
Boxed Sets $5.99

Games $4.99
Blu-Ray $3.99
DVD $2.99
CD $1.99
Teachers, students & military get 10% discount (with ID)

In addition to the abundance of books for sale, they also offer a lucrative trade-in option! Bring your old (decent condition) books, movies, etc and you can trade them in for store credit! You can then turn around and use that store credit on some new (used) titles to add to your home library (or in my case – classroom library). When receiving store credit you must spend double your store credit amount in order to use it. For instance: You trade in books and get $10 store credit. You would then need to spend $20 on other books in order to use the full credit. If you spend $10 in store then you can use $5 of your available credit.

Shopping Experience

books by the pound

This is probably my favorite section of the whole store! The children’s book section seemed to be endless. They have them separated by age, which is perfect. Rhory ran directly for the books in her age range and I eyed the other end. The other end of the shelves houses the books I knew I would need for my classroom! These black chairs are adorable and perfect for adults and kids alike. Find a book you want to check out? Plop down and read a few pages! Rhory doesn’t have a problem making herself comfortable!

She knows a good story when she finds one!

books by the pound

Reading is an exciting adventure in our lives!

books by the pound

Where are my Magic Treehouse loving friends? These books are some of my FAVORITES!

books by the pound

Children’s books out the WAZOO!

books by the pound

Despite fact it seems like they have an ENDLESS supply of children’s books – the amount of books in other genres and categories they have in their store is impressive. Standing at the back of the store looking forward is almost like overlooking a sea of books.

books by the pound

And that is only HALF of the store! Currently books are organized on tables (with the exception of the children’s area) with like books being placed together. This is HUGE for me. Typically when you go in to a used book store the books are scattered. Sure, they are organized by category but in terms of similar books being together – good luck! Not at Books By The Pound! I found a lot of the Harry Potter series and they were ALL together! As a teacher this is pretty huge for guided reading groups. I want my kids to all be reading the same books so that we can discuss them! We have a book room at our school but the higher level book pickings are some times slim so I like to have other options in my classroom!

Great selection of educational resources!

books by the pound

These huge canvas prints of book covers were on the wall – LOVE!

books by the pound

Check out these classics I found (I didn’t purchase them so HURRY in if you want to add them to your collection!)

books by the pound

Overall I am impressed. The staff is INCREDIBLY helpful and kind. I will definitely be a returning customer and urge ALL my teacher friends to check them out! You will not find better deals than at Books By The Pound. I averaged out and each book cost me a little over a dollar!! ONE DOLLAR! Also, if I wouldn’t have gotten those Harry Potter books I can assure you that the average would have been less.

I want to also brag on the other shoppers. As I was telling my mom about my students interests so we could try to find particular books. Another shopper overheard me and gave me TONS of recommendations! I bought many of the books she recommended. Out of nowhere she handed me cash to help me buy the books for my students. I was completely blown away. I asked for her name and have forgotten. If it was you, and you are reading this – please contact me! I cannot thank you enough, my students are going to flip out over these books.

Checking Out

The checkout process is simple. As you are shopping you load your books in to baskets. They then take the books out and place them on a scale. The first 3 pounds are 3.99 each, then 2.99/each for the next 5 pounds, and once you get to 8 pounds or more then those pounds are just 1.99 each! The checkout system displays each of the scale measurements (in my case I had like 20 because I had 6 carts full of books!) and shows your total at the top! I paid with my card and finished in about 15 minutes. My time took a tad longer because of how many books but I watched others checkout in less than 5 minutes with just one cart full. There are scales throughout the store so weigh your books for an estimate on your cost before checking out!

Who came up with the “Books By The Pound” idea?

After visiting, I talked with the manager to get the back story behind this concept and also how they are planning to be involved in the community. For the last several years they have been book vendors on Amazon and other online book marketplaces. Just recently they started exploring the idea of bringing a retail front to their store but needed to get all of their ducks in a row – especially being a used book store. They knew that many people were focused on the online purchasing of books because of how pricey physical used book stores can be and wanted to stay away from the same ol’, same ol’ of that.

books by the pound

The idea is that you can come in and get the books you WANT and not worry about one book being $15 and another being $2. You don’t need to choose the $2 book when you really want the $15 book because the books are ALL sold by the pound. There are no sticker prices so you don’t have to concede to a least favorite book over one you really want because of price issues. I can vouch that I LOVE this because I once made the choice for the “cheaper” book but no more!

In terms of community involvement – they have a lot of ideas brewing! I can’t wait for some of them to start to play out so I can share them. One thing currently in place is their donation of books to charities and prisons. Additionally, if you bring in books that they are unable to buy back they will give you the option of donating them so they can pass them on to organizations that need them – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! This makes my heart happy because books are such an adventure that everyone needs to experience!



I cannot say enough GREAT things about Books By The Pound. They have the heart of the reader in mind and are striving to bring quality used books to the community at lower prices. While their storefront may be new, they have the right ideas to make this a successful venture and I am willing to support them all the way. I am calling all my teacher, mom and reader friends (read: EVERYONE) to go out and give them a try. You will love that you did. Check out my haul from the other day!

books by the pound


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  1. Wow! This is amazing. I wish we had this here locally. I love that you foster the love for books in both your children and your students.

    When I was in 3rd grade my teacher really fostered my love for books. It was about the time R.L Stine came out with the goosebumps series and our classroom was gifted the entire collection with an awesome stand. I read every single goosebumps book there was. I then went on to read his other series Fear Street. This is also where I got my love of creepy things ?

    I am now 30, and read anywhere from 2-20 books per month. Luckily for me, my mom reads the same books as me and is my sole funding source.

  2. Jenn

    I will check this one out. I love going to Books for Less, used book store by Mall of Georgia, and I am always looking for more used book stores.

  3. ridingmic

    This is such a cool idea! I am often in Atlanta for work and will be checking this place out! Hopefully I will not go over my luggage weight 🙂

  4. Dee

    Wow, awesome review and great pics! Thanks!

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