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Birthday Experience Trip : Georgia Aquarium

Birthday Experience Trip :

Georgia Aquarium

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If you missed my post about why we are doing a *birthday experience* over a birthday party you can check it out here! As soon as we entered the aquarium I was reminded of why we chose to do this over a party. Rhett was ECSTATIC over all of the fish – and he had no idea what was even going to be waiting around the corner! We invited our immediate families to come along and it really was such a blast.

Birthday Experience : Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is an amazing adventure. They have added so many different perks! We didn’t get to them all but it was still a blast. The four main exhibit we visited were the Cold Water Quest, Ocean Voyager, River Scout, and Tropical Diver. Both kids loved each and every one and were already asking to see more fish on our way out! We bought early admission tickets online to save some money and try to beat the crowds. I was actually surprised at the amount of people there at 9 AM – mainly because I figured most people would just be in bed still until later in the day, HA! We visited most of the exhibits first and then made the AT&T Dolphin Show our last stop before we left for lunch. If the kids had been a tad older we may have stayed for a sea lion show but they were near the end of their rope by the time we left the dolphin show. Also, as we came down the escalator to leave I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE. It really made me thankful we went early!

I would really love to save some money up and do one of their encounter experiences – I think it would be so cool. All in all our trip was a success and not only did Rhett love it, but it was totally worthwhile for J and I to see his face light up at all the different things to see. He is his father’s son though. J is not big on crowds or really waiting around. If Rhett walked past a tank with too many people around he would say “nope” and just keep walking! It was hilarious. I also made shirts for the kids to wear – on Friday night at about 10 PM! Luckily I found an Etsy shop with some really cute designs and a quick turn around time. They all looked adorable on Saturday. You can check out her shop, Digital Wishes or her Facebook page for some more of her adorable designs!

Check out these pictures from our trip!

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