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Aldi Instacart Changed My Life

Aldi Instacart Changed My Life

aldi instacart changed my life

The latest craze is grocery pick-up and/or grocery delivery where you are not required to step foot in to the store AT ALL. I’ll admit, I was a little leery of the whole process, for a few reasons. One – I like my quiet time in the store to shop sans kids (most of the time). Two – what if I forget to add something to my cart online but I would have caught it if I go in the store? Three – the prices are higher online. Okay, that last reason makes it seem like I am spending $14 more dollars online than in the store which is not the case but it is about $5-6 more expensive.

My husband had to work all day today and I forgot to take my anti-nausea medicine (yep, 27 weeks pregnant and this nausea is still kicking my tail) so today was just a bust. I had a code for $10 off my first delivery AND free delivery so I figured why not? Last week was rough on me because my schedule was so jam packed and life was just a tad stressful so I made our meal plan as simple as possible. We were pretty busy last week and had some schedule changes so we ended up with some meat left over and that carried over to this week (PTL)! I sat down at about 10 AM and started making my list and by 12:45 PM the groceries were on my counter.

Aldi Instacart Changed My Life

The process for Aldi Instacart is super simple. You log in to their website (this is my referral code that will get you $10 off your order!) and search for items using the search bar. They may have several types of one item or just one thing available. Basically it is the whole entire store, just online! The prices are slightly higher but only by about 10 cents maximum. Here is why I love and may forever use Aldi Instacart…

Reason #1 – You know your projected total before they even start shopping.

Normally when you walk in to the grocery store you have an idea of how much you would *like* to spend, but let’s be real – you usually go over the amount. With Aldi Instacart, you can see the price change as you add items to your cart. This is awesome! Before you place your order you can remove anything that might have put you “over” budget.

Reason #2 – You get a text alerting you about your shopping trip and any changes.

As soon as Melissa (my personal shopper) started going through my list I got an alert! I then could log on to the app (or website) and get updates in real time. I had added petite diced tomatoes to my list but the specific brand wasn’t available so I got another text asking me to approve the switch. I love this because I was aware of any changes before they even left the store and I got to say yes or no! I also ordered bananas and when the weight was less than they had projected it showed a price adjustment.

Reason #3 – You can add to your order AFTER you have placed it online!

As soon as I placed my order I realized that I forgot to add wipes and that I had wanted to try out their diapers. I quickly logged in and updated my cart. I think you can add to your list as long as it is before they have finished shopping your list.

Reason #4 – The whole process is super quick and relatively inexpensive!

One thing that turned me off from the process in the beginning were the extra fees. I then did some research and realized that the service fee is optional. I did add a tip of $5 and my total was still under $80! Now, I did have a coupon for $10 off my first order and free delivery so it may be somewhat more expensive on the next go around. I would be interested to see if they start offering pick-up in addition to the delivery. Also, my shopper/delivery person Melissa was very friendly! I placed the order at 10:22 AM and by 12:45 PM all groceries were in my house on my counter.

Try out Aldi Instacart today and get $10 off your first order AND free delivery!

Promo Code: AMURPHY14B117

aldi instacart changed my life

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