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Adventure Cats: Cats Living Life On The Edge

Adventure Cats: Cats Living Life On The Edge

Adventure Cats: Cats Living Life On The Edge

[I did receive this book free in return for my honest review.]

My cats are lazy. They literally are the last ones I would consider “adventure cats”! In fact, the thought of putting them on a leash makes me topple over with laughter. When I heard about this book “Adventure Cats” and asked to be a part of their blog tour I wanted to jump right in and see what all of this was about. I have to say … I am pretty amazed at what others have trained their cats to do in this world. I am also impressed that really every cat is an ADVENTURE CAT!

Adventure Cats: Cats Living Life On The Edge

Cats living life on the edge – sounds exhilarating right? I mean I am pretty sure these cats have more adventure in their lives than I do. One of the first few pictures in the book is of a cat in a bookbag and another is a cat ON A LEASH and on the hood of a car. Like – people travel with their cats! My cats throw up every time I even talk to them about getting in the car … Moving all 5 of them to our new house last year was utter chaos.

Here are a few of the things people have trained there cats to do with them:

  1. Hiking
  2. Road Trips
  3. Camping
  4. Surfing
  5. Sailing
  6. Swimming – I know – this sounds crazy but the pictures and stories are legit!

Some cats aren’t necessarily meant to travel the world (ahem, mine). So, there are some things you can do at home to help them tap in to their exploration side. One thing mentioned is a CATIO! I was so excited about this because we already have one [read more about that here]. Our cats actually spend a lot of time outside, yet they are contained. Growing up we had some indoor/outdoor cats but they were always leaping across the street and making us nervous. One day (my first day of one college semester) one of our cats was hit by the bus. It was terrible and I vowed at that moment that I just could not let any of my cats outside EVER again. The catio is the perfect solution!

The also recommend finding ways to play with your cats inside – find their different play style here. There are plenty of toys on the market that can help them adventure without leaving the walls of their home. You can still leash train cats, even if you don’t plan on some wild adventure. The key is to take it slow, make sure you find a quiet area, and don’t overdo it with your cat.

Every cat is an ADVENTURE CAT, but they all adventure differently. How does your cat adventure? If you are interested in reading more tips and tricks, awesome stories, and incredible pictures Рpick up a copy of Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss (aff link) for  yourself!


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