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50 Things I LOVE About My Mom

50 Things I LOVE About My Mom

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! It was a milestone birthday – the big 5-0. I’m hoping she doesn’t kill me for putting that out there, but if I didn’t tell you then you would really have no idea. She not only looks young, but she is young at heart. Everyone always thinks we are sisters – insert eye roll 🙂

But really, look at this picture of her and my dad — they look much younger than 50!

In honor of this BIG birthday, I’m listing out the reasons I love my mom – one for each year of her life!

  1. I wouldn’t be here without her…
  2. She gave me all of my craft genes.
  3. She holds our family together. The “glue” so to speak.
  4. She taught me how to cook.
  5. She taught me how to do laundry.
  6. She cooked breakfast for my brother and I every morning through our schools years.
  7. She loves unconditionally.
  8. She always strives to see the good.
  9. She is always out to lend a helping hand.
  10. Her compassion for others in need is never failing.50 reasons I love my mom
  11. She is always finding a bargain.
  12. She loves to play games.
  13. She still gets us toys for Christmas, at 25 and 23 because “you’re always a kid”.
  14. She loves my kids.
  15. She prays for me and my family.
  16. She was always able to find whatever I was missing…
  17. She kept waking me up when I would go back to sleep before school.
  18. She let me take naps after school.
  19. She talks to me on the phone every day.
  20. She always made our Halloween costumes.
  21. She always forgives.
  22. I’m pretty sure she still has a lot of my trophies from way back in the day.
  23. She didn’t make me feel bad for backing out of ballet.
  24. She always encourages.
  25. The amount of time she spends volunteering is incredible.
  26. She keeps my dad sane. LOL
  27. She keeps my secrets.
  28. She embraces my weirdness.
  29. She loves donuts and therefore I love donuts.
  30. We made Christmas ornaments for family EVERY Christmas.
  31. She let me stay home from school even when I wasn’t always sick.
  32. She encourages me to go to the doctor…
  33. She always has coffee ready.
  34. She is very reflective.
  35. She always threw the best birthday parties.
  36. She’s beautiful.
  37. She listens to me rant.
  38. She loves traditions.
  39. She loves the beach.
  40. She loves to collect shells and shark teeth.
  41. She loves her family.
  42. She is always giving me things.
  43. She stood by me through my darkest times.
  44. Our friendship.
  45. She is level-headed.
  46. She always goes above and beyond.
  47. She always has a Valentine and Easter basket, no matter how old I am.
  48. She loves crime shows as much as I do.
  49. She always comes and helps at my house when I need it.
  50. She is MY mom.




Tell me, what are the things you love about YOUR mom?



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  1. I absolutely love this post Ashlyn!!! Your Mom is a very special person. I love her and love you. Your Dad is kinda special too. Thank you for being such a special gift to me!

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