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5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

Today, April 7, is JD and I’s FIFTH anniversary! I can hardly believe it because some days it feels like we have been married a lifetime – not in a bad way, though. We have been through a lot in our short time of being husband and wife. While I wish that some situations are different, I don’t wish that anything was different about the person with whom I have gone through these last five years. JD and I met through a mutual friend while I was still in high school. He is *almost* exactly 3-1/2 years older than I am so he was out of high school when we met. We dated for almost four years before we got married! I’ve learned a lot but I want to highlight the top 5 things five years of marriage has taught me.

1. Love Never Fails

I know that seems cliche, but it is true. Our marriage has been through hell AND back, yet our love for one another has never failed. Shortly after we were married we discovered that we were pregnant. Unfortunately our first son, Sawyer, passed away shortly after birth due to some heart complications. Losing a baby is one of the most difficult thing any couple can go through. We knew halfway through the pregnancy that the outcome could be the worst but, even still, we just weren’t prepared. We learned a lot about each other during that time and JD handled it so much better than I did. I had some legit crazy moments and he loved me through it. He never looked away and was steadfast as my support. We changed and grew through that first year than a normal married couple but it has all been positive growth, pushing us closer together. Life is hard and was never promised to be easy – don’t let the curve balls tear you apart. Move in closer and cling to the support of each other.

2. Let It Go

Everything is not a battle. JD and I learned early on that some things are just not worth arguing about. Now, I won’t say that we don’t argue, but we try to let silly things go. Also early on I had to let go a lot of what my expectations for marriage were – they change CONSTANTLY. Marriage without children is different than marriage with young children, marriage with older children, and marriage with children out of the house. Your relationship is ever changing with each new stage of life. Embrace the changes and the shifts.

3. Give It Your All

Marriage is kind of like driving a car – it has to be on AND the gas pedal down in order to be moving and going somewhere. If either of those things are not working the car goes no where. Giving it your all is hard sometimes. Sometimes it just feels draining. Sometimes one partner has to do more than the other and then vice versa, but that’s okay! Marriage is a team, always. Support one another and make your partner your priority.

4. Value What They Value

JD loves golf (insert eye roll here) and I love crafting (he would insert eye roll here) BUT we both support the other because that is what makes them HAPPY. My love for JD is constantly pushing me to figure out the best way to make him feel loved, valued and appreciated. Heck, the man married me on Master’s weekend. If that isn’t love – I don’t know what is! He also loves hunting so during the fall months his Saturdays are spent in the woods. Alternatively he spoils me with time alone from the kids and plenty of crafting opportunities. He doesn’t love it but he values it because it makes me happy!

5. Every Year Is Better Than The Last

Seriously. I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else by my side. JD is truly my soulmate and completes me in every way. Every year gets better than the last. We have added a new child almost each year of marriage, job changes, moving, new pets- and despite the craziness I love him even more through it all. He is my best friend and my ever after. I love him to the moon and back and I cannot wait for the rest of our lives together.

 My current favorite song that reminds me of JD every time I hear it. ALL the feels.

Pictures Of Us Through The Years – Our Growing Family

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

5 Things Five Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

Marriage is an adventure. Through the ups and downs, every day gets better.


5 Things Five Years of Marriage Has Taught Me

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  1. Cammie Jane Anderson (MawMaw)

    I love this Ashlyn. Your love for Josh and his love for you is so apparent!! We can all learn from this post. Thank you and I love you and Josh today and always!!

  2. youaremysonshine

    What an amazing journey you two have been through together! My husband and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary a month ago and, while our story is very different, I can attest to everything here being the same but different for us.

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