Three Reasons Moms Need A Portable Phone External Battery


Why Moms NEED an External Phone Battery

phone external battery

I think you can all agree that life as a mom is constantly go, go, go! From doctors appointments, weekend trips and even Target runs (holla) charging your phone can be the last thing on your mind. In today’s world phones are almost a necessary companion because of distances we now travel. I know that many would argue that you can function just as would many years ago without a phone but it simply isn’t true, at least not in my case. Contacting my mom or husband is necessary, especially when it involves the kids. Directions are another huge aspect of my phone.

With all of that, moms need a way to charge their phone – aside from being able to plug it in. Plugging your phone in to charge is not an option every where! Just recently I took Rhory for her follow up ear appointment and it took FOREVER. For some crazy reason I took both kids and it was a disaster. Rhory begged to watch Mickey Mouse but my phone was low on battery. There was no way to charge it and I needed to save what little power there was to help me get home. She was frustrated, I was tired but there was no escape!

phone external battery

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Recently I discovered an external phone battery¬†from Joaao Electronics and I knew that it was JUST what I needed in my life. (BONUS: On sale from $80 to ONLY $29.99!) It is slim, compact and easy to carry which means I can pop it in the diaper bag and I am always set! The external power bank hold a lot of “juice” so you can charge up your phone several times before having to actually recharge the unit itself. It is NOT just for your phone either. It is equipped with TWO USB ports for you to charge ALL of your devices ūüôā



There are many reasons moms need this but I am just highlighting the top three!

phone external battery

Reason #1 – Waiting Room Sanity

Picture this: You are sitting in the doctors office with your two and a half year old and one year old. The nurse comes out and says the doctor is delayed about 30 minutes and you were already 20 minutes early. Glancing at your phone, your heart drops because the two year old is begging to play the “letter” game and the battery is only at 18%. It definitely won’t make it the full hour wait and you still need it to call your husband after you leave. This is¬†me A LOT! Unfortunately these experiences were frequent¬†before I added the external phone battery¬†to my purchases but it was the FIRST thing that came to mind when I found out about this incredible resource!

What a lifesaver this will be for moms (and dads) all over! I am not one to throw technology at my kids but doctors make them nervous and an hour wait is really almost too much for some adults. Rhory would have been entertained while I chased rambunctious Rhett around the waiting room, trying to prevent him from digging in other ladies purses – embarrassing! This power bank is a MUST for any future trips.

phone external battery

Reason #2 – Road Trip Saving Grace

Unfortunately our car is not equipped with DVD players but we do have tablets. While the battery on these lasts for a quick trip, it does not last for a long trip to another state! I know what you are thinking, “Couldn’t you get a cord that connects to the car?” Well, sure but usually those don’t reach all the way to the backseat AND they get in the way. PLUS, you can take it down to the beach all day to keep your music and e-books at your fingertips!

phone external battery

Reason #3 РErrand Running Rescue

Hello, mom life! Amirite? The grocery store, post office, Target …I mean the errands are never ending! You are not always in your car or near an outlet as you run around. My phone is in use A LOT while I am meal planning¬†because I want to make sure I am sticking to my list and getting the best deal! I also use apps to save money like Cartwheel by Target and ShopKicks so I definitely need to make sure my phone is fully charged.

P.S. – The fun blue cord in the picture? ¬†The also sell a SCENTED (yep it smells good) phone charging cord! How fun ūüôā Get yours HERE for only $8.99! (affiliate link)


What Other Moms Are Saying:

“I use mine when I get stuck rocking the baby for an entire nap time. My cord won’t reach the outlet, but the power brick + my Bluetooth headphones means I don’t really mind being stuck.”

“During travel would be great! Trying to fight for an outlet at an airport stinks. Great for anyone who works predominantly from their phone. Never having a dead phone in case of emergencies (being able to call for help if you break down, weather updates during storm etc) not having to go without your phone if you lose power”

“We got one to use at Disney. Since we were using our phones for maps/wait times, schedules, info, pictures/videos, etc., they drained so quickly. It helped so much to be able to recharge during the day!”

Don’t wait any longer and let these experiences happen to you – get yourself the Joaao External Phone Battery¬†today! They are on a HUGE sale and you won’t regret it!

What would you use it for in your life?


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  1. This looks awesome, especially for… you guessed it… DISNEY WORLD!! I am always stuck with a dead phone halfway through the day!

    1. AC

      LOL! You are a mess!

  2. YESSSSS!!! My husband and I both have an external phone battery haha, they are totally necessary! YouTube is our go-to when my son gets fussy at the doctors, and that drains a battery faster than anything! Thanks for sharing <3

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